Sistah Girls, it’s homecoming season, which means we are going back to the yard, meeting up with our friends from college while also trying to see if we can keep our eyes open long enough to attend the parties.

Homecoming season is always a good time, whether you attended an HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) or you went to a PWI (Predominantly White Institution) you know the level of debauchery that ensues because of homecoming.

So it should come as no surprise that I absolutely enjoy reading characters who are in college and read all about their fictional drama.

So, grab your favorite blanket, and a hot cup of something nice, find that cozy spot, and prepare to be transported to a world where academic excellence meets the sweet symphony of Black culture, romance, and a little bit of street.

Heartbreak U Series by Johnni Sherri

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Four diverse young women meet after attending a very popular HBCU; each at a crossroads in their lives. Born and raised in the heart of Brooklyn, Franki doesn’t take crap from anyone.

After relentlessly being hurt by the men in her life, she finds herself using them for the one thing she believes they’re good for. Sex. But when she’s labeled for her promiscuity and a new tragedy strikes, how will she recover? Paris, on the other hand, has led a life of privilege out in Beverly Hills; one that didn’t include very many minorities in her circle.

When her mother sends her off to an HBCU in hopes that she’ll reconnect with her people, she finds herself culture shocked. Asha, the local girl, is a complete slacker when it comes to school and anything else that doesn’t align with her future plans of becoming a basketball wife. She is a user and a mastermind manipulator that will ultimately have to pay a price.

Then lastly there’s Hope, the good girl. Raised by her father and brought up in the church, she’s been sheltered most of her life. But when she falls hard for the big man on campus and gets her heart crushed to pieces, will she persist?

Told from each character’s distinct point of view, this narrative is about each young woman navigating the dynamics of sex, love and heartbreak in college. Being outcasts in their own right, these four young women ultimately forge a very unique bond.

Wayward Love Series by Love Belvin

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She’s from a lakeside suburb, padded by two parents, an overindulgent godmother, and all the amenities of affluence they can provide her. But that’s not enough. Kennedi wants to experience the full benefits of her femininity at the tender age of twenty-one, a task she takes on at college, and one she’s more than determined to fulfill.

He’s an aspiring entertainer from the dark side of the inner city. Survival for Isaak is very much an option he plans to conquer. He has to make it out of his impossible circumstances, and sacrifice is definitely the name of the game, even if it means running the risk of sacrificing one of the most delicate and positively influential bonds he’s ever made. Click HERE to read the full synopsis.

Homecoming SZN: A Ganton Hills A&M University Novella by Aubree Pynn

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Homecoming is the time of the year for alumni to bask in the glory of their college years.

For Tony and Emya, this homecoming is so much different. Muted emotions and attraction for one another are finding their voice and once the words are released, they can’t be taken back. Can the mystic aura of homecoming last long after the stadium lights are turned out?

The Lonely Pole Series by Takerra Allen

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We’ve all got dreams… How far are you willing to go for yours? Baby, Nyema, Portia, and Rocsi couldn’t have any less in common than what meets the eye. But under dire circumstances and through different walks of life, they all end up in the same place.

Dreamz, a seedy strip joint in the backstreets of Dirty Jerz, conceals some of the darkest secrets and holds captive the souls of many pretty girls lost. In a day and age where the strip life is glamourized and celebrated, take a walk with four women who will tell the tale a bit differently. Lost loves, broken hearts, dreams deferred, all in the name of the almighty dollar and it’s only a pop, twerk, and grind away.

But how far is too far, and when do you know you’ve gotten there? And even more important, how can you find your way back? At the sad realization that the pole has no mercy, these women must come to grips with their reality. The pole is cold, the pole is greedy, the pole is wicked, the pole is deceiving, the pole… is lonely.

Young, Rich & Black: An Afterwards Novella (The ‘Afterwards’ Series) by Nia Forrester

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When Chris “Deuce” Scaife, Jr. and the campus revolutionary, Zora Diallo have an unexpected and powerful encounter just before winter break, no one could have been more surprised than they were.

While they’re home for the holiday, what started as a temporary fling continues and strengthens. But will their new bond survive their return to campus?

Back at school, Deuce’s reputation as a wealthy and directionless player, and Zora’s as a young woman-to-watch mean that their friends, priorities and maybe even their values might be sharply at odds.

Can the power of their newfound passion for each other withstand their differences? Zora is looking to change the world, but Deuce is just enjoying being young, rich, and Black. And ultimately, maybe the pull of their divergent paths will be stronger than the pull toward each other…

The Collide Series by Millie Belizaire

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Sometimes love comes unexpectedly…

Lauren is a spoiled daddy’s girl, brought up under the protection of Miami’s elite black society. With a law professor for a mother and a state attorney for a father, she has been raised to understand the law down to its most fundamental form.

She’s what they call, in every sense of the term, a Good Girl. As her father prepares to take on the biggest case of his career–going against Miami’s most notorious kingpin, Silas Montgomery–tensions begin to rise, and our Good Girl becomes Silas Montgomery’s newest target. Now on the radar of the most dangerous man in Miami, Lauren’s perfect world goes up in flames. Every day becomes a constant battle to stay alive.

Kain is about as close to Silas Montgomery as most people can get. Unlike Lauren’s world of sheltered ease, his world is dark and dangerous. He’s been raised by the code of the streets, hardened by life’s harshest lessons.

Not many people are out here doing Kain any favors. Especially not the kind of favor he extends to Lauren. Protection–that’s what he offers her. Protection from the most dangerous man in Miami.

Lauren and Kain’s story is tale of love crossing over to the different sides of the tracks. Theirs is a tale of what happens when worlds collide.

Ethic Series by Ashley Antoinette

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Ethic has power, but love has always been evasive.

After losing every significant relationship in his life, Ethic is a man who refuses to love again. Focusing on being a better man and keeping his family safe, he is raising three children, one of which is a defiant teenaged girl, Morgan.

No matter how hard he tries to keep Morgan away from the streets, she is determined to defy him. When Morgan finds herself in a vulnerable position, Ethic is pulled back into the deadly game where he was once king.

In this explosive spin-off to Ashley Antoinette’s, Moth to a Flame, you will fall in love with Ezra Okafor aka Ethic as he gambles on love and in the streets, in hopes that this time he will win.

Attractions & Distractions Series by Alexandra Warren

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Alexis + men = disaster. At least, that’s how it’s always been. Still, she’s easily tempted by her new surroundings at the University of California to put a foot forward into the dating pool; just not her best one. Relationships and situation-ships quickly become a balancing act as she tries to survive her freshman year.

Jaden is something like an “it guy”, but not by choice. He would much rather live a quiet, normal life exactly opposite of the one the media portrays. So when he meets Alexis by chance, he instantly falls for her beauty, charm, and… normalcy. But he learns very quickly that dealing with her is anything but normal.

Tyree isn’t a man of many words; he prefers action. When, sweet, sexy, naive Alexis Martin becomes a resident in his dorm, he can’t help trying his hand at getting with her, even if she is a freshman.

Attractions and Distractions will take you on a bumpy ride through the struggles and triumphs of finding love on the college scene.

The Endgame (The Sun Series Book 2) by Rae Lyse

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Josiah Joseph is trouble—at least that’s what everyone says about him. Jade Taylor can’t help but to agree with their sentiments.
He’s a hotheaded football player and one of her most lackluster students.

She’s a young mother and a laser-focused teacher’s assistant, counting the days until graduation. After the two cross paths at a wild party, Jade makes a discovery about the volatile quarterback that sends her on a quest to understand who Josiah Joseph is and why he’s suddenly become enamored with her.

.evol (Tanonverse Book 2) by Tanon Tales

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Andrea Neiman was raised to believe one thing— love sucks. She doesn’t date and she most definitely doesn’t trust any man that isn’t her father. After picking her essay topic for her Psych class, she quickly finds out that her paper is hard to complete without one thing— a test subject.

Enter Tyrus ‘TK’ Kimball— a senior basketball player that is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery that is Andrea. The only way that he can even get close to her is to agree to help her with her assignment and hope that it’s enough time to break down her walls.

Muted Hopelessness Series by Love Belvin

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From Book 1: Never judge a book by its cover, one of the world’s most common clichés. Though sage advice, the age-old aphorism is rarely followed. Take, for instance, Tori McNabb and Ashton Spencer, two subjects who believe by aesthetics alone, they have no reason to breathe the same air.

When startling circumstances align on the campus of Blakewood State University, the two have no choice but to look beyond their exteriors.

McNabb is a fighter in life as well as in the ring. She knows what she’s capable of and doesn’t want to be tested. Her only goal is to never return to Millville, New Jersey while simultaneously flying under the radar as a small fish in the big BSU ocean.

Spencer, the most popular athlete on campus is well on his way to success as a professional athlete and is confident the stars have aligned in his favor. Being tested by the underdog is one he’d never fail, or so he thinks. Journey with this unlikely pair inside the pages of their ugly covers.

Campus Chronicles: Kamaria & Kyree’s Story by Cion Lee

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Kamaria Laurent has spent majority of her college career flying under the radar. As a plus-sized girl who’s always faced criticism from her peers and family, all she wants to do is stay out the way and get her degree.

That all changes when she meets Mr. Popularity himself, Kyree Pierre. Kyree has had the opposite college experience from Kamaria. He throws parties, dates around, and makes the most of the time he’ll never get back.

When he crosses paths with Kamaria he convinces her to do the same thing. They’re both on borrowed time with graduation rapidly approaching, so they want to live it up together. They quickly learn that the saying “opposites attract” is factual. But what will happen when outside forces come into play and challenge their blossoming relationship? Will their love be able to make it past the campus? (This is a standalone)

That’s All Me: Camilla & Ja’Keem Series by Cion Lee

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Ja’Keem Martelle is a junior at the University of Baton Rouge and is at the top of his class. Even though he’s book-smart, he can’t seem to leave the streets alone. He’s his dad’s protégé, and perhaps better than him.

Ja’Keem met Camilla Jones during their freshman year at UBR. From that fateful day, they’ve been inseparable. He can’t seem to leave her alone, either, but that doesn’t mean he’s ready to be tied down.

Ja’Keem refuses to put a title on what he and Camilla have because he’s enjoying the college lifestyle, as well as the streets. He has the best of both worlds and doesn’t see a reason to change. Camilla is no lame, though. She knows her worth and demands her respect. However, when it’s all said and done, will Camilla be able to say “That’s all me” without looking stupid?

His Rock, Her Way Series by Tereesa L. Tuff

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Anything Worth Having is Worth Fighting For…

He wasn’t exactly a stranger, but I wouldn’t call him a friend. But for some odd reason, one I can’t seem to wrap my head around, Dre is determined to change that. His request was simple, Get to know me.

And for reasons I can’t explain, I conceded. His simple request has spiraled into something neither of us could’ve imagined. But what he doesn’t know is—I am incapable of giving him what he really wants.

Who knew building a friendship would be this difficult? I’ll admit, it wasn’t exactly my idea, more a promise I made to my best friends. But my request was genuine.

I meant it when I told Rocky, I can show you better than I can tell you. What I didn’t expect is what she’s shown me. She is flawed, scarred by her nontraditional upbringing, and guarded. But that has made me fight that much harder. I fought to win her trust then her friendship. But what I didn’t bargain for—was the fight for her heart.

Sistah Girls, if you’ve read any of these books, let me know your thoughts in the comments section.



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