Sistah Girls, it’s the season for grabbing something warm to drink and curling up with your favorite books that will put you in the holiday spirit. This year I decided to add more than just Christmas books (although there are a lot) because I love the entire month-long celebration.

I love a romantic Christmas story just as much as I love a good New Year’s romance story–and don’t even get me started on my love for Urban romance holiday novels… love them! So here’s a list that has a little bit of everything…

Home for the Holidays by Brookelyn Mosley

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Dear Santa…

Jaleel and Eva Gordon haven’t lived in the same house since the summer, and this Christmas, their son’s very short Christmas wish list will change all that.

As a former college phenom turned Bronx Ballers’ shooting guard, Jaleel Gordon hasn’t reached his level of success doing the bare minimum for his struggling team.

He’s been grinding and grinding hard, but success doesn’t come easily or without its share of sacrifices. For Jaleel, his biggest sacrifice was his relationship with his soon-to-be ex-wife Eva. Read the full synopsis HERE.

A Christmas to Remember: A Novel by Beverly Jenkins

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Ever since Bernadine Brown bought the town of Henry Adams, her relationship with diner owner Malachi “Mal” July has had its share of ups and downs. But now they’re finally ready to say “I do.” Or are they?

As wedding preparations go into full swing, and families both local and extended begin to gather for the festivities, that long-awaited walk down the aisle hits a speed bump that may derail everything. Read the full synopsis HERE.

A Holiday Snack (8-book series) by Burgundy C. Johnson (Author), Allor Henrique (Author), Carlia Burns (Author), Sapphire J. Daniels (Author), Robbi Renee (Author), Dani Elle (Author), Ka’-Dee Allen (Author), Ara Moore (Author)

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Sistah Girls, eight authors came together to create a dope series to get you right into the holiday spirit. The synopsis below is for the first book… Devin Winter hasn’t been a fan of the holiday season since her fiancé unexpectedly broke things off with her just before Christmas two years ago.

The sight of decorations and the sound of Christmas music instantly brings a frown to her face. If it wasn’t for family, friends, and running her store, she would rather be at home and have nothing to do with the holidays.

Grant Washington enjoys this time of year, and when he crosses paths with Devin, he notices the displeasure that she displays. Feeling that no one should feel this way, Grant promises Devin that he will bring back the love she once had for the holidays.

Will Grant be able to keep his promise and make Devin love Christmas again? Or will Devin let the hurt her ex caused continue to take her Christmas joy?

Saint and the Queen by Desiree

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Eve Noelle has been tortured by her mother’s careless dreams and delusions her entire childhood that her absent father is actually Santa Claus. The real Santa Claus. She despises Christmas, the music, the children, and anything to do with the holiday but then one day.. Of course, what she doesn’t expect is her mother’s insanity turning into her actual reality when an real live elf shows up at her office just before the holidays.

Keenan Hayes is your typical random man from Atlanta working a regular job delivering packages. He pays his bills, smokes in his down time and enjoys what Atlanta, his home city has to offer.

Yet, one day when he returns from a shift, he finds a man dressed in a red suit, declaring himself to be Santa Claus…tells Keenan that he is to take his place and save Christmas. Not only by becoming the next Saint as they are called, but to marry his daughter, Eve Noelle who has no idea he exists.

You Make It Feel Like Christmas by Toni Shiloh

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year–for everyone except Starr Lewis.

As if going home for the holidays jobless and single wasn’t bad enough, she’s dragged into a holiday season full of activities leading up to her sister’s uber-romantic Christmas Eve wedding–to Starr’s ex-boyfriend. But when her brother’s best friend, Waylon Emmerson, attends their family Thanksgiving, she starts to wonder if maybe coming home for Christmas isn’t so bad after all.

As Starr finds the perfect distraction in helping Waylon make over his late mother’s Christmas shop, the most wonderful time of the year works its magic and the spark between them grows.

But with the holidays fast approaching, Starr must decide what she wants out of life after the gifts are unwrapped and the ornaments are put away–to go back to New York City or to open her heart to a love that will last beyond Christmas Day?

A Touchdown for Christmas: A Sports Romance Novella (The Rookies Series) by J. Nichole

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Finally, Gigi gets her happily ever after. When Gigi thinks it is over, she gets a second chance at love. All it takes is a cheating fiancé and a night in a bar. For their Christmas wedding, Angelo will ensure she gets everything she deserves.

Even if that means what she deserves is nothing she planned. This Christmas Novella is a follow-up story to Love Blitz.

My One Christmas Wish by D. Rose

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Winter Shannon came home for one reason, to celebrate her parents’ 35th wedding anniversary. With a fresh break-up on her heart, she had no desire to start anything new. After spending a few days moping around the house, her meddling sister sets Winter up on a blind date.

She was fully prepared to have a few drinks and leave until her high school best friend, Gabriel, entered the bar. Gabriel Snow wanted one thing for Christmas, to reconnect with his best friend, Winter.

After losing contact with her, he longed to have her in his life again. With the help of Winter’s sister, Gabriel plans a date, hoping to win over Winter’s heart for good.

Will Gabriel be granted his one Christmas wish?

The Knight Before Christmas: A Potomac Falls Short (A Potomac Falls Holiday Shorts Book 1) by K.L. Hall

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A brotherhood. A breakup. And a plot twist = one messy Christmas in the Falls. ⬅️ When I tell you the description fits because the book is short, sweet, and to the point but the action in this book will leave you wanting more!

Feast by Tanzania Glover

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Dinner isn’t the only thing on the table this holiday season.

Being broke, virginal and stuck on campus during Thanksgiving break would be a downer to just about any other student at Dawson University, but for freshman Lee Williams it’s all the right ingredients to finally making her move on evasive senior Monte McGhee.

Initially whipping up the recipe seems easy enough even for an amateur in the kitchen like herself, but Lee soon finds out that she’s teased the right one for too long and Monte’s hunger for her might not be satisfied with just one bite.

Tis the Season for Closure: Noel & Ebenee by Kami Holt

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Noel King has never cared for the holidays but now that he has a family of his own, he’s determined to give them everything he never had growing up. One tragic night nearly shatters every hope he has for the future, leaving him in questioning his purpose.

Ebenee Snow was looking for a change of scenery after a traumatic experience left her feeling unfulfilled. She never believed in fate or miracles until she showed up for a job opportunity that changed everything she thought she knew.

How do you come to terms with losing something that was supposed to be forever? How do you know when it’s time to let go?
Find out more as Noel & Ebenee navigate through the Christmas season.

A Second Chance Christmas by Queen T

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Years after being sent to prison on Christmas Eve, Solomon Samuels’ life isn’t how he imagined it. Granted, he’d accomplished every goal he set out to achieve, but his life has been consumed solely by working. Work has overpowered him, leaving him little to no time to dwell on the one failure he deeply regretted.

However, when a chance reencounter with his failure, his ex-wife, Sage, is placed in his path, Solomon knows there’s no avoiding the past.
Sage Daniels always knew loving bad boy Solomon Samuels would mean hurt and pain, but never did she imagine that he would live up to that theory and break her heart for two Christmases in a row. But a chance reunion in New Orleans the weekend before Christmas, sparked by a drunk night out, would place her in his path once again.

What begins as an unpleasant reunion for two former lovers leaves these exes rediscovering what they both may have been missing. But will this reunion begin the path to a second chance for a happily ever after?

Silent Knight by Connie Easton

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Take, take, take was all Noel Robins knew. She is the product of get it by any means necessary. She’s also a woman that finds joy in the holidays totally different from the world. However, when she wanders off into the wrong house, she’s left with an ultimatum that changes her agenda completely.

Xavier Knight has nothing for Graceland Heights, at least that’s what he thought when he moved away. Now, he finds himself back in the same place he tried to forget. A snowstorm caught him by surprise locking him down and isolating him from society. It was just his luck, that life hit him with one hell of a snowball before Christmas.

Family tends to make you do things you wouldn’t think twice about. Also, family isn’t always categorized by blood. Those individuals are the most influential.

Countdown Til Christmas (3 book series) by Dominique Nikail (Author), Tracey Reddick (Author), Nadine Frye (Author)

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MMP is making sure the holiday season is filled with Hood Holiday joy, by serving up a few sexy and savage menaces, combined with some insane chemistry with a thug, and twisted passion courtesy of a MF Don!

The Purest Love: A Christmas Short (Holiday Series 2) by Aja Cornish

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n the ever-shifting dance of time and seasons, but love… Love is love, no matter where it finds you. The purest form of love is when it’s undeserved. It transcends societal boundaries, defying status, gender, and race. In the world we live in, people can love you today, and hate you tomorrow.

That’s that fake love we all can do without. But, when it’s real, it sacrifices, it suffers, it proves, and it covers all. Yatti and Danielle, two souls from different walks of life, discover the profound beauty of love in their Thanksgiving tale, All I Want Is You

The potency of their love shed light on what it is to look beyond a person’s faults and see their needs. It gave a clear picture of what it looks like to love from a place of selflessness and having no control. The heart wants what the heart wants, and sometimes we just have to surrender to the process.

Read the full synopsis HERE.

Christmas in Vegas : A Hitman’s Dream (A Hitman’s Soulmate Book 1) by Kat Cole

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? Wrong.

For Lota Grey, the entire month of December is one she wishes she could avoid. After a tragedy happens to her family two days before Christmas, her life is never the same, and she dreads the holiday.

Since she was a little girl, she vowed to avenge her family’s deaths but she runs into a problem; she doesn’t know who did it. Unbeknownst to her, becoming a trained hitman only gets her closer and closer to her goal. Kapri Castelli is rebellious, handsome and wealthy, and a man of his word. After retiring from being a hitman, he opens up a few casinos, one of a turf that belongs to the rivals.

Not caring, he soon crosses paths with Lota, and quickly falls for her beauty and personality until he finds out she has her own secret agenda. Lota comes into Kapri’s life turns things upside down, and makes it a Christmas for his whole family to remember. Even after the truth comes out, Kapri still finds himself conflicted about his feelings for her.

Join them both as they try to make the most out of this unusual holiday season even after the truth gets revealed. Read the full synopsis HERE.

A Small Town Christmas: Serenity & Saviour by Latoya Nicole

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The goal for Serenity Holiday was to show her father that she could run with the big boys in a male driven field. After years of hard work & dedication, one could finally say that she was the best.

With a disdain for the holidays, her only intention is to spend her time focusing on work. However, after an impromptu change of plans, she finds herself in Park City, Utah.

Hometown hero was the perfect way to describe Saviour Thomas. Philanthropist by heart, and unstoppable on the court, Saviour was a force to be reckoned with. Despite being a celebrated figure and the best of what Utah has to offer, an injury quickly earns him the label of “damaged goods.”

Read the full synopsis HERE.

A Goon for Christmas by M. Monique

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A Christmas with Cameron by Jade Jones

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Cameron and Jude host a festive Christmas party, hoping to bring friends and family together. The celebration takes an unexpected turn when mysterious masked guests arrive, revealing intimate knowledge about Cameron’s past.

As the night unfolds, hidden agendas surface, with old acquaintances adding tension to the atmosphere. Meanwhile, Justin, fresh from prison, seeks redemption in the eyes of his wife’s skeptical father, Soul.

“A Christmas with Cameron” navigates a tapestry of secrets, revelations, and personal growth as characters confront their pasts. By the night’s end, the mysterious guests’ identities are unveiled, prompting a dramatic confrontation that forces the characters to forge a path toward a brighter future despite an unexpected tragedy.

Sistah Girls, if you’ve read any of these books, be sure to let us know in the comments! Happy Holidays!



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