Authors to watch in 2023!

Sistah Girls, in 2022, we gave you listicles filled with authors who were new or new to you. Our goal is always to bring fresh Black literature to your eyes, and now that we are gearing up for 2023 it’s only right that I share some authors who have made an impact on my reading this year that you should check out in 2023.

 A handful of the authors were first-time artists for me. And later, I read the majority, if not their entire catalogs. So sis, get ready to read...

Charity Shane 


Charity Shane asked readers to try her books, and I took the challenge. I had not read any books by Shanae but her writing is like the juice, desert, and the whole enchilada.

Safeguard My Soul is a super cool tale with a perfect movie plot. The beginning was the hook when Shane opened the door and invited readers to sit for a spell.

The story is about three sisters’ plight to define what was next for them individually after the storm brewing in their lives passed. The eldest sister Kree was having the time of her life, unbeknownst to her siblings. Kendra was the second sister with a failing marriage; she needed to determine if it was a terrible thing or time to move on with her life.

And the youngest sister, Krystal’s attraction to men with a thuggish side, was too much fun. Time will tell whether the sisters will get their happily-ever-after ending. The story had the nerves to keep me glued to the pages. Shane is definitely an author to watch out for in 2023, she is going to come with some heat. 

Kevin Macklin

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Kevin Macklin’s Jon Dough series was an incredibly suspenseful story. Now, listen; the story is from a man’s point of view, but overall, Double Tap: The Jon Dough Prequel was action-packed from page one to the end.

The story is about a missing young girl, and Jon’s task is to find her alive and bring her home to her family. Inevitable Reprisal: A Jon Dough Thriller was yet another chance to see what happens when villains cross Jon Dough. I am very excited to see what Macklin releases in 2022. 



Genesis is definitely an author to watch in 2023. So He Cheated, Cheated was about one of the most detestable tropes- cheating.

To say this story speaks volumes about how Genesis took me on a journey to freedom with Dr. Koi Montgomery is an understatement.

Her ex was the worst vile form, and her family was no better. You will understand why the murder was one of the thoughts that ran through my mind in this story. Sistah Girls, Genesis has a unique catalog and I am sure you will find your next five-star read in it. 

J.L. Seegars


J.L. Seegars is a new author and she identifies as a ‘smut peddler,’ and I think she might be correct. Her four-book series: Restore Me: The New Haven Series (Book #1), Revive Me: Part One: The New Haven Series (Book #2) was a hit from the start, with out-of-the-gate greatness. Each book in the series have hot scenes, emotional moments, snappy dialog, and tight storylines in each edition.

I am very excited to read what Seegars releases in 2023. 

A.E. Valdez

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A.E. Valdez’s All I’ve Wanted All I’ve Needed told a fantastic story; it was a great length with a good plot. The story was about a young woman who did not believe in happily ever after or love in the end.

When she took a trip to the exotic island of Bali, she met a man and fellow vacationers who would become friends. Later, the trio changed her mind about possibilities. The hottie Harlowe met while on vacation was a bonus.

Acyn’s character was just my kind of coolness. His idea of friendship and sensitivity made me swoon. The story is a slow burn; you will need to be patient while the story develops.

I am looking forward to reading what Valdez releases next year. 

Virgo Girl 


Virgo Girl is an almost-new author. Her books were thrilling reads. Working For Love was an excellent read, a romantic story with funny, loveable characters and comical personalities.

The couple met on a plane and hit it off like a perfect match roommate your first year in college. The writing in this story was crisp, and the story has a good vibe. The couple’s insta-romance connection was believable as the author vividly expressed Quincy and Desairee’s emotional and kindred spirits in harmony.

This is definitely an author to watch in 2023. 

Sistah Girls, the books mentioned are by newer authors or new to me authors. You should try their works and give an author a chance; also, suggest a book or two to your friends.

The authors on this list are a sampling of Ones to Watch in 2023 and beyond. Keep rocking with us for more in the coming year!

Until the next time, happy reading!

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