Sistah Girls, what is shaking! There are only three months left until we ring in the new year, and if you’re anything like me, you’re a little off track for completing your Goodreads challenge for 2023. 

Whether it be a reading slump, lack of free time, or you have your own literary work in progress that has you tied down, I think we can all agree not finishing your reading challenge can be a major bummer.


Perhaps ya favorite Midwest Gypsy can get you all a little closer to achieving your reading goal. Without further ado, here are seven Black Romance novels for October. 

Beneath the Silence (The Things Unseen Book 3) by K. Lashaun

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“Two dark souls haunted by the sins of their past. Two individuals seeking atonement. A connection that might not withstand the blows life seems determined to throw.”

This angsty romance follows the protective and guarded Hakeem Biggers as he navigates his unexplainable, unyielding interest in an up-and-coming MMA fighter—the alluring and elusive Eden Foster. 

Note: Behind the Silence is book 3 of The Things Unseen series.

What You Need by Kami

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Kami’s friends-to-lovers novel takes readers on an emotional ride with Zacai Roberts and Taima Royal.

Two broken souls with troubled pasts and absolutely no faith relationships. That is until life shows the pair that just maybe, “Love can be Powerful. Love can be Healing. Love can be exactly… What You Need.”

And Then Life Was Beautiful by Asia Monique

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“He possessed enough power to make me feel safe and secure.”

“She possessed enough power to silence the chaos around me.”

Friends with benefits–whose arrangement takes a turn for the interesting–Couri Mitchell and August Hanson’s story is like none I’ve ever read.

Despite a few unexpected surprises threatening to prevent them from living happily ever after, Monique’s main characters have a swooning, tear-jerking romance you’ll want to read over and over again. 

To Her Rescue (The Knight Brothers Book 1) by Dria Andersen

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When Celine Harris stands to inherit a fortune, she finds out the hard way that “money and family never mix.” It’s no secret her relatives want all the cash for themselves, and they’re willing to marry Celine off to anyone to get it. 

Cue Mason Knight. The sexy panther shifter has been Celine’s crush forever. Now he’s about to come to her rescue as her husband.

Note: To Her Rescue is book 1 of The Knight Brothers series.

Against the Stars (Woodgate Book 1) by Skye Moon

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From friends to lovers then enemies-to-sorta friends-maybe lovers again. In this hilarious, warm, and juicy romance, Quentin and Kaelyn trudge through years of heartbreak, secrets, and broken promises to discover that all they needed to help heal their individual wounds was each other.”

Note: Against The Stars is book 1 of the Woodgate series.

Where Love Blooms (A Jareau Family Novel Book 1) by Kimberly Brown

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After the passing of his beloved wife, Jamison Jareau focuses all his attention on work and his children. As the years go by, the widowed father of four realizes he needs some help to raise the children.

He hires Aleviyah Sandifer to be the family’s live-in nanny, and everything seems to go well at first.

Jamison soon realizes that the children aren’t the only ones taken with the new woman in their lives. Unfortunately, “with new feelings arising, guilt begins to set in.”

Engaging Jamison and Aleviyah in a game of emotional tug-of-war that could leave someone burned.

Note: Where Love Blooms is book 1 of A Jareau Family Novel series.

Moonlight: A Skater Love Story by Jasmine Nicole

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“Colliding into a love that seems predestined and guided by the ones they lost,” Jason and Jade ooze so much cuteness, that it glows like the moonlight.

A love story that will have you kicking your legs and giggling; nothing but sugary sweet romance is the vibe you’ll get when you crack open this Jasmine Nicole read. 


Well Sistah Girls, that’s all from me today. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve read any of these books. Or tell a thug what she needs to check out. Until next time remember: Black Lit is the best lit.

Peace 💙



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