Sistah Girls, happy Women’s History Month! As Yoncé told us many years ago, girls run the world.

And with March being a celebration of women and girls across the globe, your friends at Sistah Girls Book Club wanted to bless you with some book recs to help you in your commemoration. 

Without further ado, here are seven Women’s Fiction books to read in March…

Bookmarked by Bella Jay

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A self-love story that I may or may not have reread three times (LOL), Bookmarked has solidified its place on my bookshelf as a classic.

Using married but separated Books and Juice, Bella Jay was able to tell a beautiful story of what love looks like when the rose-colored glasses are taken off, and personal growth tests faith’s ability to bring two tied souls back together again.

Falling For Tormented Treasures (These Twisted Billionaires) by S.J Stewart

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This book is one of my favorite reads because we get to see a Black woman with the world on her shoulders exhale! Jaxon and Lennox had an interaction as teens that changes him forever.

As an adult and successful billionaire. Jaxon seeks out Lennox with the intention of easing her strife and catering to her every desire until she loves him as much as he’s loved her all these years.

Shut Up And Dance (Shut Up And Dance Series Book 1) by Tanzania Glover

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The attraction was instant. The connection was genuine. Even though this was a short and sweet read, I enjoyed every moment of watching bold dancer Tempest make singing celebrity Theo, dance to the beat of her drum. 

Everything and More by K. Lashaun

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Grumpy male lead. Outgoing female lead. Forced proximity…Rumor and Wes turned an unintentional cross-country drive into a chance for happily ever after.

It was my pleasure watching Ws unfold the petals guarding his heart to let Ru into his world.

I Should’ve Chosen You (In Secrets We Trust Book 2) by Chelsea Marie

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There’s something about reading a book where two characters meet again later in life and get that old thang back, that makes my day. Whether he meant to or not, Pacino loved Capone from the first time they met.

That’s why he made a vow to always come when she calls. 

Tattoo Your Name on My Heart by Tay Mo’Nae

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Two broken souls find solace in one another. Being with each other makes everything feel alright, but there’s still inner work they have to do before they can secure their happily ever after.

This is an eye-opening read that pulls at the heartstrings while encouraging mental health awareness.

Love Me This Christmas by Jasmine Nicole

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If ever there was a book that gave holiday cheer, it was Love Me This Christmas. During the holiday season, I received an ARC copy of this book and I found it to be absolutely adorable.

Like sipping from a cup of hot cocoa, Natalie and Fury’s second chance romance is a comforting read that injects you will all the fuzzy coziness a romance should. 

Well Sistah Girls, those are my seven. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve read any of them.

You can always let me know what women’s fiction books you think I should check out this month.

Until next time…PEACE!



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