Sistah Girls, have you ever thought about what fictional family you’d have Thanksgiving dinner with? Well the thought has crossed my mind on several occasions and I couldn’t narrow it down to just one.

Just like in my real life I house-hop, from my family’s house to my extended family’s homes, and let’s not forget Friendsgiving. But I took some time and thought long and hard about what fictional families I’d visit if the opportunity presented itself.

Here are eight families whose homes I am coming to if I get the invite…

The Matins by Dominique Thomas

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This is a family that has made it out of the trenches and are learning to navigate new levels of success withing their next generation. The Matins have overcome hardships over generations and have hurt each other yet practiced forgiveness on levels that typically ruin family bonds for good.

They live lavish and love hard. Being invited to a family dinner as intimate as Thanksgiving means they trust you with their deepest secrets that tend to spill out when all gathered around a dinner table. 

The Berotte Family by Monica Walters

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If a close-knit family that does everything together is more your speed, join the Berottes. As a family that typically already spends every Sunday together, Thanksgiving is just a reason to go bigger. There will be lots of drinks, good food and possibly a therapy session or two. Also, lots and lots of babies to cuddle with.

The Carters

Bambi Series by Ladii Nesha

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The only words to describe Thanksgiving with the Carter’s is “dysfunction.” It is quite likely someone is going to take a joke too far, say something inappropriate or crack a joke at your benefit, but you will be entertained!

You will also be served a good meal unless things get out of hand between any of the family members and the food and drinks become used as weapons, its happened in the past.

The Scaifes

The ‘Afterwards’ Series by Nia Forrester

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Ever been curious about how the rich and famous spend their holidays? Well look no further, join the Scaifes and find out. Whether they’re hosting in their sprawling estate or flying out close family and friends to somewhere tropical to beat the dismal weather in the Northeast, be prepared to be lavished with top of the line everything.

Yes, everything! Food, liquor and company. You literally never know who in the industry will show up to a Scaife holiday event. 

The Youngbloods 

Forbidden Trilogy by Tiye Love

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Now that affairs are in order and hostilities have been sat aside between the two Youngblood brothers dinner at the main house should be divine. Mama Youngblood takes events very serious and plans them accordingly.

If you’re looking to be at a Thanksgiving feast that is fancy as all get out but still has that warm family feeling, pull up a seat to this table.

The Dangers

The Danger Family by Endiya Carter

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As the last name states going to dinner with the Dangers’ may get a bit tricky as it is well known that this family does not always get along swimmingly and the animosity tends to boil up around the holiday table due to unresolved issues, I can still guarantee you will have a divine time.

Another family where money is not an issue and they spend willingly to accommodate their family and guests on scrumptious holiday feast. You will be guaranteed to be trying something you’ve never heard of in your life, but you will like it.

Also, make sure you grab an orange or your way out, you will not be disappointed.

The Summers’

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Before you sit down at dinner in the Summers’ household you have to pass a security clearance. With three detectives and a famous rapper in the family it is imperative that this crew is not in any danger when gathering for holiday events.

Once you get past that, it’ll be easy going. Lots of laughs, love and hugs to go around and a kitchen big enough to fit all the women dying to make their signature dish for the Thanksgiving holiday.

The Stockleys 

The Stockley Family by Unique

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Generational wealth and deep family ties with access to premium liquor and cigars. Sound like your cup of tea? Head to dinner with the Stockleys.

The brothers and their close friends are a rowdy bunch, but always with love. At this table you will find both the good old down south belly warming soul food as well as your next investor or business partner. They say don’t mix money with family, but that’s very well what will happen if you join this crew for your thanksgiving meal.

So Sistah Girls, whose fictional house are you trying to visit after you eat dinner on turkey day? Let me know in the comments section.



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