Campfire Tales: Summer Audio Series

Sistah Girls, the summer is here and you’re either reading a whole lot or you’re not reading at all–there is no in-between. I know you’re outside–I get it. But I also know that you probably still want a juicy read and that’s where Campfire Tales comes in.

Campfire Tales is a limited audio series that will only take place (for right now) during the summer. We have rounded up some dope authors and writers to participate in our summer audio series, each author or writer has written a short story specifically for this series–and get this–they read it.

We will also have authors who are reading from some of their published work–think of it as a preview. Our first tale in the series is Muse by Brookelyn Mosely.


Listen to Muse Below…



About The Author

Brookelyn Mosley is a Black romance author of over 20 titles. Her stories range from erotic romance and women’s fiction to urban romance and suspense.

Mosley’s literary focus is on telling stories from every facet of the Black experience. Because she believes people can fall in love in a multitude of ways, she depicts this in her stories through captivating storylines that are relatable. When she’s not writing, she’s spending time with her family, practicing yoga, and thinking of new ways to hone her craft.

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