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Loveuary was good to me Sistah Girls!

Some of these reads will have you laughing out loud while others might have your eyes watery. Either way, you will definitely enjoy the ride, I encourage you to download a few if not all of these reads if you haven’t already.

Crazily enough, I actually thought I found a new to me author until I looked at her catalog and realized she was a one-and-done for me until this latest release which I absolutely enjoyed!

This list has some of my faves, so that means in March I MUST try some newbies out to bring to you.

Here is what I read and looooved in February!

Friscoe Welcome to the Woods5 STARS for FRISCO: Welcome to the Woods by Bianca Xaviera

“Franciscoe,” I whispered. “Yeah?”
“ Yakima…” I heard my Mom on the other side of my door.
‘I quickly ended the call. That was probably God.” -Yakima

When Yakima agrees to attend a pool party with her best friends, she has no idea it will change her life.

A close encounter brings her into the home of a very dangerous man. Francisco Matisse. Francisco is a boss, in every sense of the word.

So, when an enemy attempts to test the Matisse family, Francisco decides to hit him in a way he’ll never see coming.

The problem is, Francisco unexpectedly finds himself hit with the one thing he never saw coming. True love.

My Thoughts
Frisco pulled me in from the very first chapter with its slow build til its sudden BOOM. I literally could not put the book down! I actually thought this was my first-time reading Xaviera’s work but after looking over her catalog I discovered that it is not my first read by her, though it has been a few years.

However, this book was not like what I recall from her previous works’ penmanship. This writing style had my undivided attention. Frisco held my complete attention from start to finish and left me wanting more.

I am excited to see which Matisse brother is next up to receive his book. Please don’t keep us waiting too long Bianca Xaviera! I highly recommend Frisco to readers who don’t mind a little hood in their romance.

The Interlude4 STARS for The Interlude by Nicole Jackson

“By the time I stepped out of the house, my eyes were blurred with tears, as I realized how truly pathetic my life was, right then.” – Jayah

When Jayah realizes that she and Amir the father of her young child is not on the same page or even in the same book for that matter it’s a hard pill to swallow.

Jayah fell back from putting her degree to use in order to be a stay-at-home mother. Yet when an opportunity arises for her to go to California to style some artist for a record label, she jumps at the chance to do so, regardless of Amir’s protest against it.

While in Cali Jayah discovers the world Amir was immersed in (the music industry) and comes to the realization she doesn’t know him as well as she thought.

‘She also falls for the charms of another man only this may be too close to home. But wait, this is Jayah, she’s familiar with crossing lines she shouldn’t.

My Thoughts
Jayah is truly her father’s child. TRULY. Because I cannot understand a single move she makes. In fact, every move she makes is self-serving.

Jackson does a great job making readers shake their heads continually at her character. Jackson has also released a statement saying this will be a series which is good considering how this book ended with a bang.

Sidenote: Some of Jayah’s story is partially featured in previous books.(Promiscuous Girl 3 and Can’t Trust these B*t*hes). You do NOT need to read them to follow The Interlude.

My Little Love by Charae Lewis3 STARS for My Little Love by Charae Lewis

When they pulled into the parking lot of the What’s Your Fantasy Resort, her eyes ballooned. “What are we doing here?” Placing the car in park, he said, ‘We’re going on our first date. You scared?’” -Nevada and Akhil

It’s said by her family that Nevada falls in love, and I quote, after 10 business days.

If I’m being honest, I must say I agree with their assessment. After pretty much going on a strike from dating Nevada finds her life as a single woman in jeopardy.

Akhil needs a fresh start, and he is willing to walk away from his family to get it. Sadly, Akhil’s father does not want him to walk away, he needs Akhil.

Soon, Nevada and Akhil find themselves becoming more acquainted with one another. Unfortunately, their connection is not exactly as sweet and innocent as it seems…Or is it?

My Thoughts
Lewis gives readers some twists that keep readers on their toes, and it leaves the couple fighting to survive all the backlash facing them.

Nevada and Akhil have a sweet love story, but just about everyone else around them is set against it. I felt like I ended this book with quite a few questions. For My Little Love to be a stand-alone I kind of feel like I may never get those answers.

In my personal opinion, there is a VERY INTERESTING backstory in there plus a possible spin-off for either Tiffeny (Nevada’s cousin) or a spinoff for Amoni (Akhil’s younger brother).

The Art of Hood Love books 1and2 by Antoinette Sherell4 STARS for The Art of Hood Love: Savvy (book 1) & Shabu (book 2) by Antoinette Sherell

“What would that have changed? I had my suspicions, and I was right. The most closure I can get from this is knowing that I wasn’t crazy…” -Savvy

Nothing is easy about Savvy’s life right now. Both she and her cousin Michi are just trying to survive each day by day.

Their home life is a nightmare and the only family they can seem to depend on is one another.

A night out with her big cousin Michi lands Savvy in the sights of a young hustler named Shabu. Shabu falls for Savvy and is willing to go up against anyone that is a danger to her. But what happens when the danger to your girl is possibly in your very own family?

My Thoughts

LOVED! 🗣 Calling all Urban Romance lovers, this one is for you! It has all the dramatically blended elements that make an Urban Romance a total page-turner.

This includes jealousy, fights, strippers, parties, drugs, backstabbers, predators, backstories that will make you heartbreak, a bad boy to fall in love with, and a good girl you root for hoping she comes out on top.

Both books 1(Savvy) & 2(Shabu) end with a cliffy which left me eagerly awaiting book 3. Nevertheless, I highly recommend it!

not another hood love story 1 Not another hood love story 2

4 STARS for Not Another Hood Love Story (book 1&2) by Lucinda John

“I can’t be separated from my sister. We all we got,” I muttered in a hushed tone. -Crystal

Crysianna aka Crissy is currently being raised by her big sister Crystal, their mom is MIA due to her severe drug addiction. When the sisters face a sudden tragedy, they have to make a choice…crumble or rise.

As Crissy tries to keep her head above water a big-time hustler named Keys comes into her life. Keys wins over Crissy’s heart.

Everything is going well until Keys is pulled into a mafia business deal with his father that forces him to keep a HUGE secret from Crissy.

My Thoughts

This was a good read but a tough read due to some of the very traumatic dealings with drug use. It’s a duet with both books being completed.

Not Another Hood Love Story can possibly be triggering to some readers as it features the harsh realities of living in the hood with loved ones who are addicted to drugs. Lucinda John navigated those realities well and I very much enjoyed reading about Crysianna and Keys together.

I highly recommend it to Urban Romance lovers.


For The Curious: Now, I don’t know how others base their ratings but the following is how I base mine and why. The writing style of an author holds major weight for me. Even though I have a few preferences, I’ve decided to go by a template with regard to how I judge a book to avoid being biased.

How appealing are its characters, how well do they develop, plot developments, and how descriptive is the writing or lack thereof? Then I follow it by looking at the author’s ability to properly foreshadow future events, resolutions to major and minor events, and how well the author carries multiple themes and/or plotlines throughout the book.

Basically, judging the story’s overall structure which should be important to any writer, and because of all of this, I am extremely stingy with giving out stars.



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