Kindle Unlimited Price Increase

On May 11th, readers and authors alike were in uproar after receiving the email announcing that Kindle Unlimited planned to raise its cost. Originally priced at $9.99 a month, the literary subscription will now cost readers $2.00 more to access the perks starting July 31st. 

As if that news was not shocking enough, the popular publishing site for independent authors also announced they will increase the cost of publishing hardcovers and paperback.

A Kindle Unlimited monthly subscription has well over four million reads to choose from with the option to borrow up to 20 books at a time, versus the previous ten, some readers don’t mind the price increase.

However, others believe the increase is unnecessary and somewhat predatory. Especially considering that the inflation in price does not include a royalty pay increase for the authors who publish their work using Kindle Direct Publishing.

What Does This Mean for Black Authors?

Social media platforms have been abuzz with Black authors seeking and giving advice on different ways to continue getting their books out there while still getting paid what they are worth.

Print publishing sites such as Barnes & Noble Press, Lulu, IngramSpark, and BookBaby have been brought up in various online conversations as cost-efficient and gainful ways for Black authors to continue sharing their stories with their readers.

Some authors even have their own websites where paperback or hardcover purchasing options for their books are available. 

Amazon has yet to offer insight into its decision to not pay authors despite charging consumers more. Or whether a pay increase is ever to be expected in the future.

Such uncertainty leaves independent authors at a crossroads. Authors could choose not to enroll their e-books in Kindle Unlimited anymore; meaning readers will have to pay full price to read them.

They could increase the prices to ensure their compensation via royalties. Or they could completely divest from Amazon Kindle and seek to publish elsewhere.

As for readers, their decision will be based on whether they will part with $11.99 a month. Or if they should only buy directly from an author’s website. As the Black Lit community works to stay ahead of the curve, all eyes are on Amazon hoping no more unexpected chances emerge.

Sistah Girls, if you have Kindle Unlimited, will the price increase affect your membership status? Let us know in the comments…



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