Bookstagram is super popular on Instagram. One of my favorite things to do (especially when I am looking for a new book to read) is  browse through some of my favorite bookish accounts. If you are looking for new books to read but don’t have the time to open the newsletter or meet up with your book club, bookstagram is a quick way to get straight to the books.

While bookstagram is a popular hashtag on Instagram, it can become very hard to find books authored by people of color using that hashtag alone. The great thing about Instagram is that you can always find your tribe if you look hard enough. And now that I have found my tribe I want to share some of my favorite black bookstagrammers.

BooksandRhymes: Not only does this account include books authored by black people they showcase multiple genres. What makes BooksandRhymes stand out from the crowd is that most of the books on this page are often showcased with a tall beautiful building behind it. While a lot of bookstagram accounts are filled with coffee cups and marble tables (which I love) I like that they took a different approach and used architecture to show off books.

Comfycozyup: I love Peta’s page for several reasons: it’s very chic, very comfy, and it has a very clean aesthetic. Peta also has her own site where she reviews books and lets readers into her own lifestyle. You can come to her Instagram page and find a book, a healthy snack, and a dope picture of Peta living her best life.  

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Curlsnbooks: This page is dope because it infuses black women showcasing their curls while reading books. I come to this page to find new reads and end up saying Yassss to a picture of a black woman rocking her curls. This page also does a great job at keeping the reading community informed of upcoming book events and book deals using IG story.  

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Kenyanbibliophile: I absolutely adore this page, first, the amount of information that is dropped on here is bananas. I really don’t know how I stumbled on this page but I am so glad I found it. Fifi knows her books and using Instagram stories she takes you on the journey with her while reading her latest book. She highlights passages and asks readers engaging questions…I always find myself sending her a message. 

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Storyscape: I am a huge fan of Dominique, the way she infuses her love for books and music to give a book review is beyond amazing. Dominique is super creative with her page, she has books levitating and often has a dope song to accompany a book she has posted. Dominique also has her own page on YouTube that I frequently visit, her book reviews are like no other.  

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Inkandfable: This page will make you want to put on a cute outfit and go to your nearest coffee shop with your favorite book and chill out. Patience has created a huge following using her photography skills, coffee, and some pretty amazing reads. She also has her own site where she provides reviews and lifestyle content.

Msbszenlife: If you’re looking for some good reads and some dope events to attend then Msbszenlife is the IG account that you want to follow. Her page is filled with contemporary reads and she knows how to do some dope book flatlays. 

thisbrownegirlreads: This page is fantastic! The effort, time, energy, and creativity that ThisBrowneGirl puts into every single picture is outstanding. It’s one thing to post cute picture with a book it’s an entirely different thing altogether when you create themed looks using books. 


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coco_chasing_adventures: Coco will get you together on her page, she gives you books and she cooks amazing meals. She gets really creative when posting her reads, I love how she incorporates her family and friends into her page, they make it feel cozy and warm. She also is a diverse reader, so if you’re looking for some good books you have to check out her page. 

badandbookish: I really love the aesthetic of this page, it’s so New York, but at the same time the page has a calm and quiet tone that makes scrolling easy on the eyes. You can find exactly what you’re looking for because this page has a great selection of books to add to your collection. 

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morgan__gayle: I love Morgan’s page, not only does she have a cool and vibrant aesthetic, but she also has a diverse reading list. Morgan gives you smalls glimpses into her life all while showcasing her latest read. If you are interested in hearing her thoughts on her book selections you can also follow her on Youtube where she talks more in-depth about her latest reads.

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thebookishsuite: One thing that I really love about this page is that it includes Black independent authors. While I enjoy any book that is good it’s always great when you can find a black bookstagrammer who can put you on to a new author. This page has a little bit of everything: black romance, women’s fiction, young adult, and so much more. 


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thediversereader: I drool every time I visit this page! The Diverse Reader has a layout that is by far one of the best I’ve seen in the bookstagram world. I love a good black & white photo with a splash of color, so you can imagine how hype I was when I stumbled onto her page. Not only does she put the books in color that she is drawing your attention to, but she also creates an entire mood in the background of each picture so the black and white compliments each book on display. 


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ananses_daughter: First of all Anases daughter is gorgeous–let’s start there *Rihanna voice.* What I love most about this page is that its super chill. Whether Anases daughter is in a scarf in her room with a snack reading a book or she is slaying while on vacation–she is always serving you a real chick who reads with each flick.

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bookqueen_whit: I love a good flatlay, I really do, and Whitney knows how to deliver every single time. She kills it with her creativity and she showcases a variety of books and genres on her page–you will even bump right into the Bible if you keep scrolling. While each picture has its own spunk, the entire page is cohesive and clean–her page makes my life feel decluttered. 


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Sharee Hereford

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