Hey, Sistah’s Hey! I always have my face stuck inside a book because reading is life…duh! I’m always searching for new or new to me authors and most often times than not I run across some true gems.

This year it took me a little while to stumble across most of them because let’s been honest, I was honestly either sleeping on them or I was so busy catching up on the heavy hitters after taking a sabbatical for my health.

But mid-year I woke up and these authors held my attention, so if you haven’t checked these authors out in 2019 then you definitely should in 2020.

Monica Walters

I’ve been watching Monica’s growth from afar and I am so glad that I got the chance to read her work when I did.  She has definitely found her lane and is riding this wave until the wheels fall off.

While she may not be the first to shine a light on BBW’s she’s definitely the first to create a storyline that is not having the heroine in her feelings about being a plus-sized woman. Newsflash people there are some plus sized beauties who are comfortable in the skin they are in.

I am STANNING for Monica executing this beautifully. Let’s not even talk about the way she makes you want to marry one of her urban cowboys. Yes, Monica is definitely one to look out for in 2020. Don’t believe me just check out her 2019 releases.

Wynta Tyme

She is fairly new and she makes sure to let you know that. She has dropped 14 books this year alone but by far my favorites from her have been her paranormal novels.

Tyme is proving to be one of the greats in that genre. She offers a unique spin on the genre. Like, have you ever read about sun vampires? My goodness, who would’ve thought of that? Let’s not counter in all of the unique twists and spins in this author’s novels. I am certainly looking for more paranormal from this author.

Aubree Pynn

Let me just say I stan a consistent pen. Ms. Pynn has dropped close to 30 novels/novellas in 2019. For that reason, it is only right that she makes this list.

Pynn deserves these flowers because her diverse pen was blessing the masses. From urban to contemporary, to poetry she has done it all. Her pen is definitely one to look out for in 2020.

Johnni Sherri

This is a new to me author. Where have I been? From the moment I opened this novel, I was sold. The way Johnni weaves a story is almost poetic, it leaves you wanting more. I

found myself eagerly waiting for part 2 of Heartbreak U to drop. I have definitely been diving into her catalog and I can’t wait to see what she has dropping next.

Danesha Little

This author is new on the scene but certainly one to be on the lookout for. Her writing is a slow burn that keeps you on toes. I was so excited to find her because she definitely has the potential to be a heavy hitter by the time 2020 rolls around.

Tucora Monique

“Dark skin is not beautiful.” That line alone pulled me into this author’s work. I was honestly flabbergasted. (yes flabbergasted at my big ol’ age) I couldn’t get my words together fast enough to read this author her rights on the importance of loving dark skin women fully, then something beautiful happened.

I read the story and was sucked in by the flaws of the characters and the beautiful love story underneath. There is no doubt about it Tucora can write her behind off and make you love the ugly out of a character.

I’m so interested to see where her pen takes her in 2020 because I am hooked.

I will say that there were certainly a number of other authors that were to be featured in this post but due to books being taken down I couldn’t share their beautiful artwork with you and that truly breaks my heart because it was quite a few authors that were worthy of receiving their flowers now.

My honorable mention includes Sidni B, Octavia Simone, and Tisha Andrews. I pray that these women push past this travesty and continue to put out beautiful works of art.

While these authors are all definitely ones to watch, I am currently on the hunt for more new authors. Happy reading Sistah Girls

Peace & Blessings,

Rowan Reign



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