Whew! 2019 was another magnificent one. I genuinely hope you’ve enjoyed the books, list, and the suggested reading materials throughout the year. We wanted to wow you and offer something to pass on to friends.

I love to read, so this is my favorite time of year. The chance to share my picks for outstanding books in 2019 is so exciting. I’ve covered most genres known to the black literary community. Here’s my list of authors to consider next year.

The list isn’t in any order; it’s a sampling of a years’ worth of reading that reflects books I enjoyed and added to my list of ones to follow. There is a mix of old and new, tried and true authors, with something for everyone. Let’s roll!

D. Rose had a few chart-toppers, Yearning for Your Love made my list easily with her great stories.

Monica Walters 8 Seconds to Love was one of the best Rodeo/Cowboy stories I’ve ever read. Don’t let his spurs fool you, that man was packing.

Ivy Laika made my list with Feign for Me. You’ll see the point when you read a few chapters. It’s delicious.

B. Love had so many to consider, Give Me Love: A Thanksgiving Novella was my choice this year.

Nikki Blair’s Fortress (Forde Family Series Book 2) was terrific. It’s a family series with an interesting side story.

Christina C. Jones showed her usual brilliance. I Think I Might Love You: Love Sister’s, Book 1 was crazy, crazy good. Each story in the series was a Rom-com that makes you literally laugh out loud.

Tina Martin and Monty (A St Clair Novel Book 6) had me wanting to find the St Clair Men for my very own. I’m just saying.

Delaney Diamond’s Heart’s Desire (Unparalleled Love Series) was part of this extra special compilation series, you’ll love this one.

Stephanie Nicole Norris was also one of the compilation series writers with Everlasting Desire (Unparalleled Love Series). It’s Fire!

The final collaborator, Sharon C. Cooper, delivered a magnificent SCC trademark mystery with Soul’s Desire (Unparalleled Love Series).

Ashley Nicole kept us loving the Mason men. If I must choose just one, An Ounce of Decorum with another Magnificent Mason was unexpectedly fabulous.

Rilzy Adams, a new to me author, made the list with her Christmas novella Twelve Dates of Christmas (Love on the Rocks Book 1).

Grey Huffington has that thing with character names I love. Sleigh topped the list this year.

Alexandria House kept us howling with her characters. My standout vote was a short novella called Set: A Novella (Them Boys: Book 1). Whew! That one was hot.

L.S. Bergman is a Caribbean writer I’ve come to enjoy. Her works are fabulous. Soul Love was worth a re-read, the story was touching.

Mercy B. fascinated readers by bringing several of her popular characters together for dinner in Birds All on the Fxcking Table (RahMeek and Bella). We got to keep up with the Jones’.

Alexandra Warren’s Baggage Claimed, I think I’ve read that one at least three times. Yes, it is that good.

K.K. Harris’s Love Drug (The Crew Book 1), this urban tale is a must-read!

Wynta Tyme, (a lovely name by the way) dropped P.O.F.: Plenty of Feelings. The story was terrific.

C. Monet’s Not So Silent Night was a steamy story. You need to have extra undies ready.

Nicole Falls always gives us something to ponder with her snappy dialogue. Shots Not Taken (Nymphs & Trojans Series Book 1) was good and the story was slightly different than sports romance stories I’ve read in the past, yet still resonated. Dude was hot too!

Te` Russ’ Falling for a Knight (The Wild Knights Book 1) was what the doctor ordered. I’ll be his princess any day.

Iesha Bree gave us The Love Pledge to delight in her wordplay. The storyline was dope.

Brenda Jackson’s The Hunter was a short read from her vast array of materials. It was good stuff none the less. (It is a recent re-release from publication in 2017).

Danielle Burton’s Harmony Heights series is a great read. I chose If You Love Me (Harmony Heights Book 1) for my list. It will get you started- but definitely check out the rest of the series.

Angelia Vernon Menchan delivered a boatload of goodies. Still, I think my favorite was It’s ME or THE Bag: (A New Urban Love Story) The author described this story as Urban, I believe it’s Lite-Urban. Grab a cup of something and enjoy the ride.

Phyllis Bourne delivered some fun stuff this year, Jinx (Neighbors to Lovers Book 2) was my favorite hands down. I laughed my butt off. Now, I’m a size 8, Thanks, Phyllis.

Love Belvin is always a chart-topper. He Who Is a Protector (Sadik Book 3) whew, this one had my vote for the gravitas of the leading characters in this story. Belvin needs a trophy for her BadAssery writing skills.

D.L. White gave readers a special treat with The Guy Next Door: A Potter Lake Novel, I’m going to find this place and nab one of those tall men for myself; a male nurse is a swell idea.

Sherelle Green offered Single AF (Social Experiment Book 1), the story was a Rom-com that was so much fun to read.

Nia Forrester had a varied collection of stories to choose from this year. I selected Rhyme & Reason because it was Deuce Scaife’s second story. I loveee me some Deuce.

Tiye Love’s The Escape (A Novella) was a refreshing read. I enjoyed the characters, their chemistry was great.

Sabrina B. Scales had a breakout year with explosive books. Who to Love (A spin-off), this story entertained my mind and soul. The author writes non-traditional love stories with sass.

Farrah Rochon offered the final Holmes series novel with Return to Me (The Holmes Brothers Book 8); the story was a nice revisit with the hottie Holmes men.

Chelsea Maria had an incredible year. When The Night’s Over was an excellent love story.

A.C. Taylor’s Anything Goes (A Standalone Novel). The story was a sensual indulgence for this author, and I’m applauding her evolution. The couple’s encounters…I’m fanning myself now with that memory.

Roy Glenn’s One Last Hit (Love in Action Book 1), what can I say? It was my joy and delight for a marvelous mystery and suspense story.

Danielle Allen gave readers a super sensational story about a secret society in V is for Villainous Book 1, V is for Vicious Book 2, and V is for Vengeful Book 3 (The Women of V Series). An excellent series for mystery buffs.

Deborah Fletcher Mello’s Badge series was super dope. Tempted by the Badge (To Serve and Seduce Book 2) The story featured Ex-Cop Mingus Black, a bonified chocolate hottie. *Panting!

Reese Ryan offered Engaging the Enemy (The Bourbon Brothers Book 3). In the story, another Bourbon Brother found his match and dealing with his lovely nemesis. A good read.

Lily Java produced a sensational two-book series about Elliott Vance’s parents in Ethan’s Choice: Blank Pages I (Blackbirds), and Serena’s Vow: Blank Pages II (Blackbirds). The author crafted two remarkable stories with mature love as the centerpiece.

Loving Cassie (The Prototype Book 4) by Jacinta Howard was our chance to see what happened with Bam, our favorite Prototype band member, and his girl Cassie. It was worth the wait.

Asia Monique showed readers what it is like to attract someone’s love and Confidently Lost in their passion, as the title suggested.

Marlee Rae gave readers a Slick story with a character namesake–Slick (The Love Movement Book 1).

A. Marie Johnson showcased the most intriguing novella in 2019 with Risky: A Novella. The story, Wow! It’s a mystery and a romance, and one of my favorites short stories this year.

Iris Bolling is the mystery queen you can count on to deliver a solid story. Her fantastic book, The Book of Matthew: Adonis (Gents & Gems Series 8), was sensational. The cover is fire, ladies!

Danesha Little is my new favorite author to stalk her works. Unapologetically Me was game-changing greatness in printed form. I highly recommend this author.

Kay Shanee’s Love’s Sweet Serenade was sensational. The author is coming into her own nicely.

J. Chary, a newbie author, wrote a good story worth reading in Forever Ain’t Enough. She is one to watch in 2020.

BriAnn Danae’s He’s Your Ex for a Reason: (A Standalone Novel)– this one was my anthem story for this year.

INFAMOUS by Michelle Mitchell filled my need for a suspense story. It covered all my need-to-have requests.

Bailey West always delivers a little synergy in my reading adventure. In Trusting the Process (The Valentine Law Book 3), West showed readers a realistic view of relationships and marriage.

In Care for Me (Postgrad Book 2) Bria Felicien brought a well-written young adult love story. I enjoyed watching this couple navigate new adventures together.

A Taste of Her Own Medicine (A Small Town Romance) by Tasha L. Harrison. She wrote a superb character-driven story with a whole lot of steam.

Anita Davis tells a great story with The Kissing Game (Love Alive Book 1). This story was a sweet treat.

Deshon Dreamz (beautiful name btw) has a way of telling a magnificent story. In Need of You (The Grant Brothers Book 1) was an excellent read.

ShanicexLola delivered a jewel with Until You Were Mine. The drama-filled love story was a great read.

Black in Blue by NyRee Ausler was a ripped from the headlines story that filled my needs for a mystery and love story combined.

The Pattels: Hawk & Raven II: Absolute Loyalty, Unbreakable Trust. S.K. Hardy described the book as a family trust story, that description was all factual, and it was so gangsta.

Aubree` Pynn grew in her writing with each new release. Although this was an earlier in the year release, it was a book to add to this list with Run from Me.

Diana W writes poignant stories about couples in love and in crisis. Her book Feeling’ You: (The Chance Series Spin-off) was all of that and then some.

Lex. C made the must-read list with If I Could Be Your Girl. It was an outstanding story.

The next book was a delight, I could not leave it off this list. S. Taylor delivered a jewel with September Song (Southern Seduction Book 3).

Kristin Hurd is a newbie, and I highly recommend her work. The Right One is the perfect book to start your journey.

Rod Palmer writes in one of my favorite genres. His 2019 summer release KARMA WEARS VERSACE: a Detective Aisha Sawyer crime novel, fits my bill, along with a good storyline.

Chelle Ramsey’s Bel Amour was a sexy good time.

J. Nichole is a new to me, author, Only One Night was a sensual sweet love story.

K. Gibson wrote a paradoxical story in The Paradox Effect (Vol. 3): The Final Act. The three-volume set will need your full attention.

Well, Sistah Girls, issa wrap for my lists of novels from my reading files for 2019. Check out the ones you haven’t read and don’t forget to share with other Sistah Girls. Please, and Thank you.

From Booklover Sistah and the Sistah Girls Book Club, We Wish You A Happy Reading Year!

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