Little Girl Blue: Overcoming Childhood Trauma Through Faith

Sistah Girls, the memoirs we often find most compelling and vivid are the ones where the writer is vulnerable because they explore topics that carry a certain heft of shame. Those topics that we often only talk about with close friends.

Little Girl Blue is a heartfelt memoir that takes you on a journey, into the life of a young girl’s trauma. It’s written for anyone who feels left out, like they are not enough, or feels like they are alone. The book was a short but profound read, that gives hope to anyone who has experienced trauma in their childhood.

Little Girl Blue

It was the cover that initially caught my eye, this pocketbook-sized memoir is perfect for your commute on the bus, train, or car. The matte cover feels great in your hand as you flip through the pages.

Yolanda M. Blue opens each chapter with a bible verse that leads you into a story. Blue begins by giving readers some background history on her upbringing.

She was raised by a single mother in the South Side of Chicago. She then walks you through how living in a home without a father was a real struggle. And then she goes into her struggles with her self-worth and her educational journey.

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“The physical pain was awful but the inside pain was far worse. I felt I had shrunk three inches and again my life went dark.” Yolanda M. Blue, Little Girl Blue: Overcoming Childhood Trauma Through Faith.

Powerful, raw, and vulnerable are words I would use to describe Blue’s storytelling, it was honest, and I was moved throughout the entire story.

It reminded me of my story where I struggled with daddy issues, abandonment, rejection, low self-esteem, and identity. I too, talk a lot about my absent father and how I was walking down hollow streets searching for things that were unattainable. So it was refreshing to know that I was not alone in my walk through the darkness.

What makes this book extra dope is that it includes a section (at the end) that gives self-care tips to work on your healing journey. These tips include writing, therapy, exercise, making art, meditation, and worship. I enjoyed and appreciated the Blue’s vulnerability and rawness. I was empathetic toward the difficulties that she endured.

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Sistah Girls, we are not alone when faced with adversities. We need to believe in something bigger than ourselves when going through our healing journey.

This book is an embodiment of what it means to turn pain into purpose. Blue’s testimony won’t solve your problems, but I promise it will definitely serve as inspiration.



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