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Sistah Girls, I’m back with a new episode of Books & Other Ish! I was trying to find a way to bridge my love for reading and entertainment news, so I came up with Books & Other Ish. In each of these episodes, I’ll discuss a book I’m reading (Books) and then I’ll discuss what’s going on in pop culture, music, news, my lift, etc. (Other Ish).

I will still interview authors and other talent but this was a way to carve out my own lane within the Sistah Girls Podcast.


I gave a short book review on the novel Speaking of Summer by Kalisha Buckhanon. And I recommended Dapper Dan: Made in Harlem: A Memoir by Daniel R. Day, What’s Best For Me: Unapologetically Me Series by Danesha Little, and The Garden of Eden: A Romance Standalone by Millie Belizaire for Sistah Girls to read.

Other Ish

I talked about the fast I did to kick off the new year, and spoke on the passing of Kobe Bryant–that was really hard. I rolled right into Gayle Kings and Lisa Leslie’s interview + Oprah’s response. I ended on a high note by sharing my thoughts on Michelle Williams for Ivy Park.

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