“I stepped out on faith and booked my own international tour.” -Mel Chanté

Mel Chanté is a poet, performer, and an all-around storyteller. In her latest poetry book, Brown Butter Chanté takes readers on a poetic journey that’s filled with love notes, life lessons, and more than a few Sistah Girl gems.

When I think about the Black contemporary poets of our time Chanté’s name easily makes the list. Using social media and live performances she has amassed a following that admires her creativity and authenticity.

The Boston native creates short films that go along her poems, she takes you on a visual ride that leaves you wanting more. You’re pulled in by her voice and you stay because of her words.

I got the chance to talk to Mel about her journey to becoming a performing poet and storyteller. She shared how she created her own international tour and we talked about the process of taking a step out on faith to create the creative life that you want.

Mel ChantéMel Chanté

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To My Future Husband, by Mel Chanté

Shades by Mel Chanté



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