Penning Without Parameters

Love Belvin is a Black Independent Contemporary Romance author who has penned at present seventeen novels. I met Love Belvin in 2015 through her first series, Love’s Improbable Possibility Series. A four book series that openly showcased the ups and downs of love, more specifically–black love. I read the first installment and I have been reading her work ever since.

The characters in her stories are heavily flawed but that’s what makes them so appealing. They remind me of myself or someone I know–more importantly, the characters look like me.

In Belvin’s world, black women are loved and adored by black men and vice versa. Everyone’s relationship status, in the beginning, is complicated. But in the end, they manage to find that Barack and Michelle long-lasting love.

I had been tapped in early 2017 by Ashley Coleman, Editor-in-Chief of Permission to Write to interview an author. The topic was black love and I had a 1000 word limit. I asked Belvin if she would agree to do the interview and she did.

By the time the interview was over, I realized we had a great interview. The problem? Half of the interview would have to be cut due to editing.

After listening to the interview several times I knew it had to be heard by more than just my ears. Now, here we are in 2018 and the full unedited version of the interview we did more than a year ago is up.

What makes this interview so special is Belvin’s transparency. It’s not every day you hear an author talk about their family life, black love, and their writing in one sitting.

Listen to the interview and be sure to comment and let me know your thoughts.

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