I Think I’m In Love With My Best Friend (Part Two) by Brianna Jazmia


**The Night Prior**

“Pull up on me” is what I told her. Since Amena started dating that nigga Chris, she has become super flaky. Even when I sent her the address to Todd’s new spot, I wasn’t expecting her to come through, so when she called me about where to park, I had checked the weather for snow. I grabbed Todd’s throb to the building to meet her. She had her hazards on as she and her Black Nissan sat in front of the building.

“Damn, nigga, you took long enough. There is no parking anywhere.” She whined to me from the window.

“Nice to see you, too, best friend.” I teased. I scoped around the neighborhood and both sides of the street filled with cars parked parallel. I walked over to the driver’s side and opened her door.

“Switch seats and let me drive, there has to be something around here, and we can just walk back.”

“Oh my gosh Doo that is doing the most, I can just go home, I don’t feel like doing all of that.” She rolled her eyes and began to pout, knowing that I would pay it no mind. I hovered over her and smiled.

“Best friend, relax, I know how you are about wasting gas, you can’t just pull up on a nigga and just leave me hanging. I ain’t seen you in a month of Sundays, girl!”

Looking in her almond-shaped eyes, I could tell that she was triggered by something deeper than parking, and if I could bet on it, I was sure it had something to do with Chris. It always was. Shit, I went from the best friend she would confide in about things that mattered to the best friend that was always giving advice about another nigga.

I only consider him a nigga because the shit he does to her is not man worthy. I’ve learned over time in our 11 years of friendship when it comes to relationship advice; each situation has its boundaries. And what was the point of telling Amena her dude was trash when she was the one who had to decide to carry the bag to the dumpster when she got tired of the smell. 

Yellow lights flashed as a white security car pulled up beside us. A husky white guy with red hair who drove the vehicle rolled down the window to the passenger side. “You guy’s looking for a place to park?” He asked. 

I turned to him and spoke up. “ Yeah, have you seen any open spots?”

He removed his seat belt and leaned in closer to me.

“If you make a right down Bridge St, there are a few over there by the school, I’ve seen a few smart guys try to double park beside other cars, then get all upset when I have to call the tow man.” He chuckled.

“Man, that’s crazy,  we don’t want that. Thank you for looking out, man.” I put my fist in the window to pound him; he did the same and drove away after wishing us a safe night.

I turned back to Mena, who was now on her phone.

“Mena, mean you heard my mans, there’s parking around the corner, so what you wanna do?” She acted like she didn’t hear me but got out of the car anyway. Mushing my temple as she got out of the car.

“Don’t scratch my shit, Doo.” I snatched her tiny but thick frame-up, she struggled to make her black Air Maxes touch the ground. My arms stayed true to the semi bear grip I had her in.

“Yo Amena, who you think you are talking to? I ain’t one of these little niggas you be bossing around!” I looked up at her as she pinned her eyes closed and whined.

“Doogie put me down.” She tried to tickle me.

“Oh my gosh!” She squealed while trying to press down on my arms for release. 

“Doogie! Put me down,” She whined again.

Though she was getting heavy, I ignored her efforts to escape. 

“Nope! Say you’re sorry.” I commanded as I tightened my grip. 

She looked down at me, laughing. “Okay, okay, Doogie, I’m sorry.” She pleaded. 

“Now tell me how I’m your best friend in the whole world?” I added on. 

Her head fell back, and she cried out, “STOP before you make me pee on myself!”

Though those weren’t the words I commanded, I put her down anyway. She punched me in the rib and ran to the passenger side of the car and got in. 

“You play too much.” I laughed as I got into the driver’s seat. “I bet you didn’t even have to pee, did you?”

“No, I didn’t.” She admitted. 

“But I knew if it could get me out of whoppings back in the day, I knew you wouldn’t want me pissing on your fresh fit Mr. Dapper.” She joked.

“Naw pissy, you ain’t want to pee on those jeans sponsored by Fashion Nova.” I shot back.

She sucked her teeth. “These aren’t from Fashion Nova, don’t compare me to your little girlfriend’s style.” She snapped back. 

I lifted my hands for surrender. “My apologies, best friend, I know it’s only the swap meet finest for your highness.” I teased. She balled her fist and jumped at me to sock me again. “Okay, okay, best friend I’m sorry; this what happens when you stay away for a while. You would have been got these jokes, but you’ve been away.” I added.

Annoyed with me now, she just insisted that I find parking. The security guard was right. There was plenty of parking on Bridge St. When we got out of the car, I apologized to Amena again. Still stubborn, she accepted it. “Give me a hug, girl.” I requested. She wallowed over to me and stuck her hands out. I yanked her in closer.

She smelled of Jasmine and felt warm. She wrapped her arms around my hoodie and rocked our bodies from side to side. My heart began to rush; I felt the feelings I wanted to tell her before she started dating Chris settle in my gut. I could hold her forever. 

“You good friend?” I asked, looking down at her. She avoided eye contact with me. “Yeah, I’m straight. Who all up there with Todd?” She asked. I guided her body towards the adjacent street. “Shit, a few guys we hoop with and his new joint Ashley and her friend Bianca.

Something slight, music, spades, liquor, you know kick back vibes.” I added. Amena held her bare arms as we walked. She had on a white top that exposed her back. It looked good on her. Shit, she looked good. I loved it when she wore her hair in a bun with hoops. It exposed her round cheekbones, which I also loved. 

“Oh, Todd has a boo?” She questioned. “I can’t wait to see this one, cause the last one was a sight.” She laughed. 

“Naw this one way cooler than the last one, just make sure you pick an eye when you talk to her.” I joked.

“I know you fucking lying Doo!” She said, pushing me with her side hip. I placed the key throb to the panel and held the door open to Todd’s building. “Naw I’m kidding, Ashley and her friend Bianca actually aren’t that bad looking.”

“Oh, she brought a friend for a friend?” She asked as I pressed the button to the elevator for the fourth floor. “ Hey,” I said and shrugged while leaning against the wall inside of the bin. 

“My best friend never introduces me to her friends, so what am I to do?” I asked. She stood in the corner of the elevator as it took us up to Todd’s floor. “Don’t be desperate, Doo, and don’t expect me to play matchmaker in your love life.” The bell dinged and opened the doors to Todd’s floor and I pointed Amena to the right to Todd’s door 408. 

I stopped her before going inside. I placed both of my hands on her shoulders, and with my eyes, I demanded eye contact in return. “Yo, Amena, are you sure you’re okay?” I questioned. “You hit me up out the blue and I’m getting mad attitude, are you mad at me or something?”

Her amber eyes welled up, but her stubbornness would not release her tears. She stepped back to break away from me and cut her eyes. “I’m fine Doogie, I just have some things on my mind I don’t want to talk about.” She said. She was trying to convince me not to worry. 

Her grandmother had shared with me that Chris had hit her before. Amena didn’t think I knew. I examined her face and her body for any scratches or bruises, but none were in sight. “Okay.” I sighed. “Just know that I’m here for you, friend,” I added. Her focus was on her phone again while she nodded her head. Todd’s front door swung open. Todd stood in front of us with a bottle of Jameson in his hand. The music from his place echoed behind him. 

“What the fuck, bro, you get lost?” He peeked around my shoulder and saw Amena and smiled. “Hey, Amena!” Long time no see, come on in girl, let me get you a drink!”

He led us into his pad, giving Amena an MTV style tour. “This is my living room slash man cave!” He said, excited. “Now this smart tv you see it’s a 55 inch, I wanted a 65 inch, but I keep this one clean though.” Amena laughed at his humor as she followed him into the kitchen.

By the hightop, Ashley and Bianca stood waiting for Todd to introduce them. “This my baby Ashley and her best friend Bianca. Baby, this is Doogie’s girl Amena.” He continued. Ashley greeted her with a warm hello and a hug. Bianca, on the other hand, looked Amena up and down and then asked her if they had met before.

Todd and I gave each other a look of concern. It was never a good thing when women “recognized” each other. Amena walked, passed her and said, “No, I look familiar to you or something?” “Yeah,” Bianca said. “But I just can’t put my finger on it, but I will let you know when it comes to mind.” Bianca added. “Todd where’s your bathroom?” Amena asked.

Todd led the way, pausing to introduce her to Shawn and Kemp, our boys, we hooped with. She greeted them with a nice to meet you and closed the door to Todd’s bathroom. “There are paper towels under the sink, girl,” Todd called out from his side of the door. “Hurry up too we’ve been waiting for you to start this spades game, we got a few lames out here who only know how to play dominoes.” He teased. “These new negros I tell you,” he added. 

by Brianna Jazmia




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