“Writing Is My Therapy.” -Nako

Nako is a Black contemporary urban author who has published over thirty books independently. Nako didn’t stop at self-publishing in the same genre, she’s also branched out to author a devotional book for young girls. Girl + God + Grace: Devotional & Affirmations for Girls, is a beginner’s guide for the everyday female who wants to start and end their day with grace.

What caught and held my attention was Nako’s 2018 novel, Is She The Reason. It was the perfect blend of grit and romance that kept me sitting on the edge of my seat wondering how the story would end. Nako herself said that it is her best work to date.

I first met Nako when she attended our indie author book signing Behind the Pen. She was down to earth and reminded me of one of my homegirls. It’s that cool and positive attitude that has women young and old listening to her podcast, The Passport. She uses it to inspire and encourage women to level up and believe in themselves.

We talked for almost an hour discussing everything from her future plans to how she stays grounded and motivated as a writer. She also delved into how she markets her work to stay ahead of the curve as the self-publishing landscape begins to change.

Nako has a natural entrepreneurial spirit and she wants to win, the great thing about her is that she wants to bring as many black women with her as possible.

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