Leaders Of The New School

Sistah Girls, we are hosting Behind the Pen virtually for the second year in a row. And what better way to celebrate than on #BLKIndieAuthorsDay (August 21st)?!

When thinking of Leaders of the New School there were two authors that instantly popped into my mind, Rae Lyse and Brookelyn Mosely.


Rae Lyse is a Texas-based romance author who enjoys reading and traveling. With a background in social work and a love of romance, she seeks to blend the two by crafting love stories about some of the most complex characters. Lyse hit the literary streets hard when she released her debut novel Saving Sunflower and has been making waves ever since.

Brookelyn Mosley is a Black romance author of over 20 titles. Her stories range from erotic romance and women’s fiction to urban romance and suspense.

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Brookelyn’s literary focus is on telling stories from every facet of the black experience. Because she believes people can fall in love in a multitude of ways, she depicts this in her stories through captivating storylines that are relatable.

Both of these authors bring a fresh take to Black and Urban Romance, I got the chance to talk to them about their writing, how they balance the business side of being a creative, and everything in between.

Watch the interview below…




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