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Women of Color to continue the conversations that we have at the nail salon, beauty parlor, church, and during our lunch breaks at work.This is a place where you can kick off your shoes and get comfortable.


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For the bulk of my life I was told that I talked too much. As a child, you could sit me anywhere and I would find a way to make even the quietest person open up.

 It was something about listening to another person’s story that intrigued me.

Where did you grow up? What books do you read? Who is your favorite singer? Are you happy?

One question would lead into another until all my questions were answered and the story was told.

And that’s what The Sistah Girls Podcast is, one conversation leading into another to tell a complete story.

If you are interested in being interviewed or participate in a discussion, please fill out the form.

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The Sistah Girls Book Club is an online community made up of black women who enjoy reading and conversing about books. We bring readers and authors together using the power of digital media. We host monthly book discussions, giveaways, and contests to promote black literature and black authors.


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The Sistah Girls Newsletter is a positive newsletter for women of color. Each month Sistah Girls signed up will receive an email loaded with positivity. Whether it’s a book, podcast, article, or positive affirmation, each newsletter is designed to give Sistah Girls an extra pep in their step. Enter your Name and Email in the form to join.



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She’s a college student, a working mom, a single lady, a wife, the favorite aunt, the best friend, the cool cousin, the introvert, and the extrovert. She’s the CEO, the Sunday school teacher, the book nerd, the cool girl, and the sophistirachet woman who reads books and listens to trap music. A Sistah Girl has no limits, so don’t try to put her in a box. I’m The Sistah Girl Next Door and so are you.


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