Sistah Girls, I don’t know about you all but I love a good throwback. Be it music, movies, fashion, or Larenz Tate in “Love Jones.”

Anytime a fond memory tumbles from my mental time capsule, I am more than gleeful to soak up the nostalgia! Of course, this same affection holds true for my favorite pastime, reading, as well. Speaking of books…

Take a moment to grab a glass of fermented grapes, then find a seat on this literary Delorean as your favorite Midwest Gypsy blasts you to the past with 6 throwback urban novels you should read. 

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Hood: An Urban Erotic Tale by Noire

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Published in August of 2007, Hood is the true definition of a gritty urban story.

Following the lives of Lamont “Hood” Mason and his love interest Egypt, Noire’s Brooklyn-based tale takes readers on a journey of “sexy, violence, and betrayal”, that will leave their heads spinning.

Thug Series by Wahida Clark

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A series following the lives of three girlfriends–Angel, Jaz, and Kyra–the first book of Clark’s saga was published in 2002. Each of the seven books in this series picks up where the last one left off.

Offering readers pages and pages of hilarious characters, raunchy romance, unexpected twists, and a hard decision on which book was their favorite.

Bitch Series (11Books) by Deja King

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What makes this series special is that King wrote books 1-5 focusing solely on the life of Precious Cummings. Using the wiles of her femininity and her calculating brain, Precious refuses to let life keep her in last place.

Unfortunately, when you scheme your way to the top, there’s no way to guarantee that is where you’ll stay.

Then with books 6-11, readers get to experience Precious’ daughter, Aaliyah, and her journey through life. Even though Aaliyah is hood royalty thanks to her mom’s sacrifices, the hustling apple never falls too far from the tree.

Animal (5 book series) by K’wan

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The title alone should tell you exactly what type of time K’wan was on in 2012, when he released the first tale of this five-book series.

Every written line of Animal casts a hypnotic cadence that disables readers’ ability to put the book down. The plot is gritty, full of twists and turns, and downright shocking! The creatures of the wild have nothing on Animal himself.

Torn by Keisha Ervin

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Torn follows the tumultuous relationship between Mo and Quan. Tired of not being treated like the ride-or-die she is, Mo decides anything Quan can do she can do better.

In this 384-page 2007 release, Ervin takes her time to illustrate the journey of a woman whose heart and mind have her torn between the two. 

The Dirty Red Series: Dirty Red, Still Dirty, and Dirtier Than Ever by Vickie Stringer

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A City Girl before the phrase was ever coined, Vickie Stringer’s main character Red embodies the entire first verse of JT and Yung Miami’s “Act Up.”

Red knows she’s a walking fantasy and has no problem using that to her advantage. But the scheming tables turn on the 18-year-old’s dirty ways when she comes face to face with love.

Published in 2006, this four-book series is drama-filled, saucy, and oh-so entertaining!

Back to the future

Well Sistah Girls, it’s a wrap for me today.

Feel free to let me know in the comments below if you’ve read any of these classic throwbacks.

Or suggest some that I should check out. Until next time, remember: “…if you’ll just stand up and go, life will open up for you” – Tina Turner (May she rest in power 🙏🏾).

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