Sistah Girls, who in the world let Mercury show out like that last month?! From rap duels to literary disarray–and a whole lotta extra in between–BIG Merc was letting those micro braids swang with a vengeance!

In my best efforts to stay out of the planetary line of fire, a thug tucked herself away; kindle in hand, and dove further into the mystical catalog of Dria Andersen.

Still a newbie to the shifter/fantasy side of Black lit–which Andersen pens–I found myself instantly committed to the characters and storylines created by this author.

For those of you who’ve yet to venture over to this of Black lit, allow ya favorite Midwest Gypsy to offer up some suggestions from Ms. Andersen’s fire catalog.

NOTE: The list of books isn’t in specific order

The Knight Brothers (4 book series)

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With titles like To Her Rescue, For Her Safety, For Her Protection, and For Her Peace, it’s no wonder Andersen dubbed this The Knight Brothers series.

Because y’all, the chivalry, the protectiveness–the swoon factor!

In all four books, Andersen does a stellar job illustrating the main male characters that make readers fall in love for different reasons. Shifters, Mason, Silas, (MY MAN) Rocco, and Julian are knights in furry armor, card-carrying members of the GSE (good str*ke energy) squad, and certifiable book baes.

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One Night, One Bite

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Black vampire romance anyone?

This one is for the girlies who once rallied for #TeamEdward over #TeamJacob, and who watched Vampire in Brooklyn for the plot (😏).

One Night, One Bite is a steamy journey that tracks Raven Sampson and vampire bae, thee Sebastian Longford, through a Valentine’s Day like no other. In just 80 pages, Andersen gives readers an endearing couple whose chemistry is so sizzling, that it should have a warning label.

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Hamilton Brothers (2 book series)

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Combining two of my favorite tropes, The Friend Contract, illustrates what happens when Gabriel Hamilton and his best friend Naomi join in convenient matrimony.

Soon-to-be-alpha of the Hamilton bear clan, Brent knows Mercedes is off limits the moment he realizes she’s a witch. Too bad this alpha is used to getting what he wants.

Just like Brent and Mercedes did with each other, The Alpha’s Affair will have readers falling in love with the forbidden.

Sistah Girls, have you ever finished a book and then immediately started reading it again? If not, you certainly will when you get a hold of the Hamilton Brothers.

Hers to Call

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Y’all remember when Xscape asked, “Who can I run to?” Well, if you’re Calita Wright, the answer is Simon Jacobs. Hers to Call had all the swoon-worthy scenes that will make readers kick their feet and giggle.

With characters you can root for, and enough mystery to keep you at the edge of your seat, Andersen was definitely in her bag when she sat down to write this novel. 

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Haven (3 book series)

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Gods & goddesses, magical realms, and treason… OH MY!

This three-book series did more than entertain. It was filled cover to cover with educational nuggets on different cultures. Each book picks up where the last one leaves off, so readers don’t have to worry about jumped timelines.

Perhaps my favorite thing about this series (as with all of Andersen’s books), is the women leads. They’re sexy,  headstrong, and downright spoiled by their mates.

Even with the fate of the world resting on their shoulders. Sistah Girls, I devoured this series in two days. It was that good. 

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Using suspense, romance, fantasy, and organic humor, Dria Andersen’s storytelling easily qualifies her as a one-click buy for this reader.  And if you give her books a chance, I know you will feel the same way. 

Sistah Girls, that’s all I have for you today. Until next time make sure you have a graceful mental health awareness month.

And remember, “[if] you wanna fly, you got to give up the sh*t that weighs you down” – Toni Morrison.

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