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Sistah Girls, May was kind to me, unlike the month prior where I found myself starting and abruptly stopping book after book until one stuck. May came through with some heat and I must say that I am well pleased.

Below is what I read and absolutely loved in May including a new to me author!

Sorayas tale5 STARS for Soraya’s Tale (Matin Nex Gen Series Book 2) by Dominique Thomas
“He’s clearly well connected and wealthy. You stick with your kind, and I will stick with mine.” -Trinity
Soraya Matin has fallen in love with her father’s worst nightmare, a younger version of himself. Nudie is a street n*gg* that is clearly bout that life. Their young and forbidden love ignites the pages as they each face off with personal battles that will change their lives forever.

For Nudie the streets are not the end all be all, he has hopes and dreams for a future of leaving that life behind. As for Soraya, well honestly, she’s just trying to stay afloat and make her father proud. Her internal struggle is heartbreaking as she is pushed to the brink.

Dominique Thomas brings the HEAT! I had high anticipation for this book and Thomas DELIVERED. This next generation of Matin’s has my complete attention. Thomas sets the stage at the beginning of this book where her characters are facing impossible odds. Something BIG has happened though the details have not all been revealed readers are able to gauge that a very bad event has taken place.

I am beyond curious to see how she plans to play this series out because there are a lot of characters to juggle with multiple storylines and multi-story arcs.

Loves Encroachment4 STARS for Love’s Encroachment (Connecticut King’s Book 7) by Love Belvin
“Go do what you need until you have a reason to pick up the pieces, Nye.” – Mrs. Taylor
When a young Nydeera Taylor falls for a musician that plays at her job she has no clue that Alaunzo Pierce will soon change her life. Nor does she realize that after twenty-two years of not seeing one another that she would double back and forever change his life.

Nye finds herself at somewhat of a crossroads in life. Launz finds himself on the path of major opportunities. Neither is prepared for the rekindling of the flame they once had but lost when Nye suddenly up and disappeared years ago. Nevertheless, loves encroachment leaves them no other choice.

Belvin exquisitely moves us through the history of how our two main characters meet and fall for each other by transitioning from past to present. After getting readers caught up to present-day Nye and Launz she unpacks the impact their short time had on them individually.

The biggest impact steals the book for me, but I can’t say much because…you know, spoilers. A bonus for readers is that you’ll get to see some of our favorites from the LB Universe make an appearance.

This reunited lovers romance had me from beginning to end. I also secretly hope a certain character gets a spin-off/his own book.
*Fingers Crossed*

  Rocked by LoveRocking this thing called love


 4 STARS for Rocked by Love (His Rock, Her Way Series Book 1) by Tereesa L. Tuff and I followed that read with book 2: Rocking This Thing Called Love.
“Tell me you love me Raquel.” -Dre
Raquel Banks does not do relationships, when she’s propositioned by Andre to be friends and get to know one another she agrees. The two begin down a path that could potentially lead to utter heartbreak. Raquel aka Rocky has not had the best example of what love should look and feel like between a man and a woman. Absolutely NOTHING about her parent’s relationship has exemplified what love looks like.

This series is a debut for Tereesa L. Tuff, personally, I think she did a pretty good job too! Tuff takes her time building the love story, which I love because too often authors rush a love story. Tuff also flushes out the backgrounds of both of her lead characters by showing what made them the way they are once readers meet them.

Readers grow with the characters facing all the ups and downs as Rocky and Dre Rock this thing called love. I will certainly be reading this author again.

A ghetto tale from Ebony4 STARS for A Ghetto Tale from Ebony: Ladies Night Chronicles by Antoinette Sherell
‘I loved Ebony, but more than that, I loved the lifestyle she provided us.’ -Anthony
A Girls Night leads to Ebony Lassiter airing allll of her dirty laundry with her no-good ex-boyfriend Anthony. Anthony has no idea he is running out of time. You see, his girlfriend Ebony loves him and has consistently looked past his bad deeds choosing to stay with him through it and I’m talking straight-up public embarrassment at times.

Just when he thinks he has Ebony blind to his ways a real man comes along to show her that not only is the grass greener on the other side but that her lawn was never cared for in the first place.

I was completely entertained while reading! Antoinette Sherell gives readers a fast-paced ghetto tale romance that will have you laughing one second then shaking your head at a character’s stupidity the next. I look forward to the next ghetto tale installment.



For The Curious: Now, I don’t know how others base their ratings but the following is how I base mine and why. The writing style of an author holds major weight for me. Even though I have a few preferences, I’ve decided to go by a template with regards to how I judge a book to avoid being biased.

How appealing are its characters, how well do they develop, plot developments, how descriptive is the writing or lack thereof. Then I follow it by looking at the author’s ability to properly foreshadow future events, resolutions to major and minor events, and how well the author carries multiple themes and/or plotlines throughout the book.

Basically, judging the story’s overall structure which should be important to any writer, and because of all of this, I am extremely stingy with giving out Stars.



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