Sistah Girls, don’t you just love a good Urban Romance novel? Well, I do! We’ve already put together our list of Black Romance Couples You Have to Meet so it was only right that we have one for Urban Romance. These couples are not only hot, but they also have stories that keep you up all night reading.

Promiscuous Girl Keyasia and Wale by Nicole Jackson

Nicole Jackson has an entire collection of urban couples you can read about. I mean literally she has over twenty titles published, Keyasia and Wale just so happened to be my favorite of the crew. His by any means necessary attitude and her stubbornness just make for a really good storyline. Beyond all of that, you can literally feel their chemistry radiating off of each page.

 Stay by Ivy Symone

Disclaimer: This is NOT your typical “Urban Romance.” This is something completely different, but it makes for an absolutely stunning story that proves with compromise and understanding that even the most unconventional relationships may stand a chance.

Welcome to the Low Life (books 1-3) by Natavia

Growing up in the ghetto most don’t have a lot to look forward to, but for Kemara there is Z’wan. This series takes you on a journey that allows readers to experience every instance with this couple.

From beginning to end this couple is tried at every turn and is forced to either grow together or grow apart. It also helps that the secondary storylines are just as interesting and will keep you on the edge of your seat flipping the pages to find out what happens next.

Hold you Down (books 1-3) by Dominique Thomas

Sophie and Ameer’s love story is probably unlike anything you’ve ever read or would expect. From the beginning it starts off all wrong, first and foremost he’s married.

Yet, you can’t help but be sucked into how quickly it is made clear that they are meant for one another. This series also leads to about five different spin-offs, one of which is Hold You Down: Ahmad and Pia, who might just be my second favorite couple of the Matin crew.

In Love with a Brooklyn Thug (books 1-4) by Nako

What is there left to hope for after you’ve crushed every goal you set for yourself as a young woman from the hood? Love. Nia moves through life with one thing on her mind: making it out the hood by way of making her dream of becoming a top fashion designer a reality.

Day by day she’s practicing her craft and learning more and more about the industry. How to navigate business deals, setting trends and staying relevant and she is fulfilled with her life. Well, she thinks she is. Until she meets Easton. Honestly, this is a couple you’re either going to absolutely love or absolutely hate. They made the list though, so you already know how I feel about them!

When Worlds Collide (The Collide Series) by Millie Belizaire

This series was a pleasant surprise with a lot of unexpected plot twists. Kain and Lauren’s love was nostalgic. Young love navigating deep feelings that grown folks are quick to tell you just puppy love and will pass. For them, it doesn’t.

Lauren’s innocence and Kain’s maturity due to their different exposure levels of life’s cruel realities are painted really well and give readers a clear picture of why what could go wrong in their story would and did, but the best part is how they overcome it, together.

The Collide Series by Millie Belizaire

Love. Allure. by Jai Bree’nae

What happens when you meet the right person at the wrong time? Well in this two-part series that is exactly what Drake has to decide when he meets Nori. Drake sees Nori as his perfect partner and falls in love with her shortly after meeting her. The problem? Drake has a live-in girlfriend.

Tess and Adrian have a picture-perfect marriage…or do they? From the outside looking in it sure seems like it, until skeletons began to fall out of both sides of their walk-in closets and they have to decide whether or not their love is real or are they just another responsibility to each other?

This series takes you for a tailspin as it examines familial commitment if real love can be produced out of guilt and how when past traumas are left unhealed they can disrupt the best laid future plans. There are two more couples in the book, but you have to read it to find out more about their issues.

The Lonely Pole by Takerra Allen

Baby’s story alone is a tale worth reading, but then Takerra went and added Trip Fontaine. Baby is unprepared to deal with the likes of a man like Trip. He is already lifetimes ahead of her growing up to become the boss of the Fontaine crime family.

In these two books, we peek into their lives separately and together to see if Baby ever catches up, falls short or falls apart trying to maintain her true love of dancing and balance it with her new loves of money, lifestyle, and Trip. Trust me, you will not want to put this book down.

The Wayward Love Series by Love Belvin

“Boy meets girl, girl perfect woman.” Well, as close to perfect as he can imagine anyway. This series has made many lists because it deserves to. PERIOD. The gradual build of the relationship between Kennedi and Issak is truly eye and heart-opening.

Following along with these two as they navigate friendship, immaturity, childhood traumas, mismanagement of emotions and navigate away from what they believe are acceptable ideals to what to want in a helpmate leaves readers amazed and even possibly taking inventory of their own flawed beliefs about what love is supposed to look like and how it’s supposed to come packaged.

Love Belvin All Formats Kindle Edition Wayward Love Series

Ethic (books1-6) by Ashley Antoinette

Read me clearly with this one, I know who this story is about, the title character, I understand why some people are infatuated with him, I am not. What I am here to tell you is that Messiah and Morgan’s story is the only reason I continually read this series (#JudgeMe).

There is something about being young and reckless in love that just makes me swoon. Messiah and Morgan’s love is taboo for so many reasons and logically, it makes sense why they should not even attempt to work it out, but the way the story is written, my heart just bleeds for these two. I am anxiously anticipating how their love story will continue to unravel.




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