Sistah Girls, we have launched a new interview series!

Sistah Girls Nite In is our new late-night author interview series. We are hanging out with some of your favorite Black authors to discuss characters, plots, themes, and everything in between.

Our guest on this episode is author Charae Lewis.

Lewis was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. During her childhood, she was never an avid reader. It wasn’t until high school when Charae discovered the genre of Urban fiction.

She found herself making numerous trips to the library a week, so that she could become lost in an urban tale. Reading had quickly become one of her favorite hobbies. ​ When she turned twenty-one, Charae had thoughts of writing her own novel. She wasn’t very confident since English wasn’t her best subject in high school. After contemplating for weeks, she decided to take a leap of faith and pen her very first book.

We got the chance to sit and chat with Lewis and discuss some of her characters, her writing, and everything in between. Check out our full interview below…



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