Self-Care for Black Women

Sistah Girls, the world is opening up, people are making plans to travel this summer, and everyone is talking about getting to the bag. And while I’m here for all of it, there is this silent voice saying, “sis you need to take your time and ease back into everything.”

And that’s where self-care comes in, I started taking my self-care somewhat (I’m trying y’all) seriously during the pandemic. I created small acts that made me feel good. Self-care is more than face masks and spa dates (I’m here for those too) it’s also about doing the inner work.

I’ve selected a few books, journals, and workbooks, (I even have a coloring book) that I hope will bring you some joy, balance, and calmness in your lives.

I Own My Magic: Self-Talk for Black Women: Affirmations for Self-Care and Empowerment by Gennifer Michelle Goodloe

This journal gives you prompts, asks you questions, and reads like a conversation that you’d have with your sister, cousin, or favorite auntie.

What I love most about this journal is the size…it’s small, you can put it in your bag, and take it wherever and you won’t feel the weight of it.

The Black Girl’s Guide to Healing Emotional Wounds by Nijiama Smalls

Sis, if you need to heal some emotional wounds, this is the book for you. Smalls takes her time to explain why emotional wounds may be present in your life and how to heal from them.

This book pulls back the layers of trauma that many Black women face while also providing solutions so that they can heal. This book also has a devotional and a journal.

Pussy Prayers: Sacred and Sensual Rituals for Wild Women of Color by Black Girl Bliss

I have gifted this book to several of my friends and I own it as well. Now don’t be fooled by the title and turn your nose up, this book is the truth.

I enjoyed all the gems that were dropped and if you’re looking to tap into the divine power that is your p*ssy, in an emotional and spiritual way, then this is the book for you!

Please: Radical Self-Care for Wild Women of Color by Black Girl Bliss

When you think of all the times that people have said Black women were strong and all the times when you tried to prove everyone right…I’m exhausted thinking about it.

Black Girl Bliss dives into the many ways in which Black women have been sentenced to a life of work and stress without the possibility of parole and how we have the power to free ourselves.

Soul Healing: A Guided Journal for Black Women: Prompts to Help You Reflect, Grow, and Embrace Your Power by Sharron Lynn

purple, blue, green, and yellow book

This journal that is a vibe, from the stories and topics that cover healing, this is a journal that will set the mood for the perfect self-care Sunday.

Manifestation Journal for Black Women: Law of Attraction Techniques, Exercises and Tools for Creating Wealth, Abundance, Success, Happiness and Joy | … Self-Love & Spirituality for Black Women) by Limitless Abundance

Illustration of a Black woman wearing a green head scarf

I purchased this journal at the height of the pandemic, and in all honesty, I purchased it because of the cover. Yes, I’m one of those people who sees a Black woman on a cover and says, “I need this item.” However, I was pleasantly surprised when the journal arrived at my house and I looked through it.

There is an ease with this journal that makes you keep picking it up, I enjoyed that with every question I really had to sit down and think. That meant no distractions, I thoroughly enjoyed the thoughtful writing prompts.

Self Care Workbook for Black Women: 52 Week Guided Check-in Journal, Planner & Activity Book for Well-being: 12 Months of Self Care for Black Women Who Do Too Much by Stress Less Press

Illustration of a Black woman on the cover of a book with a brown and burnt orange background

Have you ever opened a self-care workbook and had to take a self-assessment test? I like that this workbook touches on mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional self-care and wellness. And because it’s a workbook each page is interactive and will keep you coming back to it.

Empowering Affirmations for Black Women: Positive Affirmations to Increase Confidence, Boost Self Esteem & Motivation and Attract Success for Badass Black Girls (Self Care for Black Women) by Alicia Magoro

The people who say affirmations are powerful are right! Alicia Magoro gives Black women a plethora of affirmations that will help them at the beginning, middle, and end of their day.

Exhale: A Self Care Coloring Book | Celebrating Black Women, Brown Women and Good Vibes by Latoya Nicole

Illustration of a Black woman in tub with words over her head

Sis, I don’t know about you but I enjoy coloring. This was a hobby that I’d forgotten all about until the pandemic hit and I was trying to find new ways to decompress without using social media. I was hanging with my five-year-old niece and she asked me to color with her, and I remembered how calming coloring was.

LaToya Nicole created a line of adult coloring books that feature Black women and they are all amazing. I ordered the self-care coloring book and I love it.

Sistah Girls, self-care can look like running a hot bath and reading a book, lighting a candle and journaling, or simply getting some crayons and coloring.

I hope these books add to your self-care rituals and if you don’t have one yet, I hope these books will start you on your self-care journey.



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